10 Weeks Pregnant

Development and changes in the baby:

At the 10th week of pregnancy, the embryo period ends and your baby begins to be called a fetus. This is also an indication of the end of the most dangerous stage of pregnancy. With this period, your baby has started to look like a human.

The height and weight of the baby in the 10th week of pregnancy

Your baby continues to grow rapidly and you will start to feel this growth and development with this week. At 10 weeks pregnant, the distance between the baby’s head and hip is approximately 3.1 to 4.2 cm, and the weight is 5 grams.

Starting from week 10, the baby begins to move in the fluid in which it is located. Hand and foot joints and fingers, which were not fully formed in previous weeks, is quite shaped this week. The mother cannot yet feel the baby’s movements, but it can be seen with the help of ultrasound. Your baby’s organ development is almost complete with this week. The most interesting thing is the development of your baby’s lip and palate. This is the result of a 3 week process of development. This structure is one of the most difficult structures to occur.


Mothers entering the ultrasound at the end of this week can easily see the baby moving and opening and closing the mouth. Also, from this week your baby’s limbs can move.


Body Changes at 10 Weeks Pregnant

In the 10th week your abdomen may have started to take a round shape. In this week you can feel more comfortable by choosing elastic and flexible clothing. Another good side of the 10th week is that you start to hear the baby’s heartbeat on ultrasound.

During this stage of pregnancy, the mother’s complaints in the past weeks continue. In addition, they may feel that the nausea begins to decrease. But you may not be so comfortable, because this time you may have a heartburn problem. This is a condition that will disturb the mother as much as the nausea. The blood volume during this stage of pregnancy increases by 50% on average. For this reason, the veins in your breasts, legs, feet and different parts of your body begins to become more apparent.

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10 weeks pregnant, pregnancy stages

Disorders at 10 weeks pregnant

There may be swelling in your gums, you should get enough fluorine for your baby’s teeth and the health of your gums. As your body increases blood supply, your veins can become visible. Some women may experience swelling at the hands and feet with this week, albeit early.

With this week, again, the problem of clothing begins to emerge. The old clothes will start to narrow. According to your sport level, you can do some exercises during your pregnancy. Swim and walk will be a great sport for all nine months. Exercise makes you strong and durable. So you can have comfortable pregnancy and after birth, you give your extra weight easily.


Your baby is growing

You’ve reached your 10th week of pregnancy. This corresponds to a period of 2,5 months. Birth will take place after about 6.5 months. Your baby’s organ development is almost complete. All this means that both you and your baby will begin to expand further.

Nutrition at the 10 weeks pregnant and things to pay attention:

  • Drink 6-8 cups of water per day.
  • Do not consume sugary products as much as possible.
  • Use iodized salt.
  • Drink herbal tea instead of tea, coffee, coke.
  • 1 cup of green tea can be consumed daily.
  • Use pasteurized milk.
  • Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  • No alcohol, no smoking! Do not be in an environment with cigarette smoke!
  • Get plenty of sunbathing.
  • Do not eat excessively.

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