13th Week of Pregnancy

At 13th week of pregnancy, your baby’s eyes, mouth, ears and nose are completely formed. His/her skin is still thin, and his/her veins and organs can be seen. His/her head, which is still big, continues to stabilize with respect to his body. Now he/she has the ability to move his arms.


Your 13 week old baby is spending time in your womb by flexing his/her developing joints and muscles. At 13 week of pregnancy, your baby’s liver started to secrete bile fluid.


Your baby’s body doesn’t have fat right now. Therefore, his/her skin is transparent and like beeswax. At the 15 weeks pregnant , your baby’s skin will become more evident and his/her first hair will start to grow.

13th Weeks of Pregnancy : Changes in Mother

You will feel better and energetic at 13 weeks of pregnancy. However, in the 13th week, nausea and vomiting will be replaced by complaints such as sensitivity in the breasts, burning and souring in the stomach, headache and constipation.


At this stage of pregnancy your breasts are ready for breastfeeding. Also, your growing breasts begine to harden.

13 weeks pregnant - 13th Week of Pregnancy
13th Week of Pregnancy

You’ll notice changes in your skin.

Chloasma, also known as pregnancy mask, can be seen on your skin this week, as your hormones change. However, this is not a definite situation which seen in everyone.


You can learn about pregnancy stages and get week by week pregnancy information in our website.



Drink plenty of water and eat high fiber foods. In the 13th week of pregnancy, you can get fiber supplements from rye, oats, barley, beans and pulses, fruits and vegetables.


Do not forget to go to doctor

As your pregnancy progresses and your baby grows, your doctor will ask you to do some tests in certain weeks to observe your baby’s health. Trizomo 21 screening tests, known as Down Syndrome, will be performed especially during 11-14 weeks of gestation.


Two months before and in the first three months of pregnancy you should take folic acid. Folic acid is vital for your baby.


Can there be ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy, is one of the reasons why pregnant women deaths occur frequently. Ectopic pregnancy occurs as a result of the fertilized egg clinging to another location outside the uterus. It is seen in one of every 50 pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancy unfortunately cannot be converted into a normal pregnancy.



You have come to the end of the first stage of pregnancy. If you have started to exercise, you have already realized the changes in your body. Exercise is a main factor of a good and long life. So, it is required at any age. Therefore, the birth of a healthy baby will be directly proportional to the healthy diet and exercise program you will do.

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