15 Weeks Pregnant

15 weeks pregnant is in the 4th month of her pregnancy. The pregnancy characteristics of 15th week are similar to those of the second trimester of pregnancy. The first period complaints begin to decrease. In this stage of pregnancy the body keeps pace with pregnancy.


15 Weeks Pregnant : Change in Baby

This week, the baby’s length from head to hips is approximately 9.3 to 10.3 cm. His/her weight is around 50 grams.

The hairs on the scalp and his/her eyebrows began to emerge. His eyes and ears are now more like a baby.

The bone and bone marrows of the skeletal system continue to develop. Muscle development also continues, and at the end of this week, he/she be able to make fist.

Now your baby knows how to breathe, suck and swallow. All of theese are preparation for life after birth.

15 weeks pregnant - 15 Weeks Pregnant
pregnancy stages week 15

Can you feel the baby’s movements at 15 Weeks of Pregnancy?

You should know that the baby inside has moved a lot, though it is unlikely that you will feel any movement this week.


Sleeping Position at 15 Weeks Pregnant:

Some women have concerns about their sleeping positions when they are pregnant. They wonder if they can lie on their back or not. As you gain weight during pregnancy stages, it may become increasingly difficult to find comfortable sleeping positions.

It is not recommended for pregnants to lie supine while sleeping. The reason for this is that, as the uterus grows, lying supine causes the uterus to settle over the major blood vessels. This may reduce blood flow going the baby’s body. It is also more difficult for some pregnant women to breathe while lying supine.

Lying on your back applies extra pressure to the growing uterus. So it’s better to get used to lying on your side. This will make you feel better as you gain weight.

You can get some more pillows while sleeping as your pregnancy stages progresses. You can put one behind your back  and one between your legs.


You can learn about pregnancy stages and get week by week pregnancy information in our website.


15 Week Pregnant Exercises

In the second trimester, which includes the 15th week, you should avoid floor exercises that require you to lie on your back for a long time. As the weeks progress, the baby’s weight may cause problems with blood circulation.

Standing without moving for a long time can also make pressure to the circulatory system. Swimming, walking, pilates and yoga are types of exercises that are compatible with this stage of pregnancy. You can examine our post about yoga during pregnancy named doing yoga in pregnancy.

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