17th Week of Pregnancy

In this period, with the growth of the belly in the expectant mother, there may be a tendency which gradually develop about the pregnancy stretch marks . Therefore, moisturizing creams can be used especially after showering.


Genetic tests in pregnancy

Until this week, the emphasis was placed on whether there was a miscarriage risk in pregnancy or not. However starting this week, it is investigated that whether there is a genetic problem in baby or not.


17th Week of Pregnancy : Size of Your Baby

At the end of this week, the baby in your womb is 15-18 cm in length and 180-200 grams in weight.


What is the ultrasound image of the baby at 17 weeks of pregnancy?

Your baby has taken his/her full appearance in this stage of pregancy. Because all the body lines become clear, information about gender can given very comfortably. So the sex of your baby at the 17th week is completely certain.


17th Week of Pregnancy : Changes in Baby

Your baby needs calcium for developing bones. It is recommended that you consume foods rich in calcium in this stage of pregnancy. This week, your baby’s circulatory system starts to operate at full capacity. Your baby’s tiny body will slowly begin to store fat.

17 weeks - 17th Week of Pregnancy
17th Week of Pregnancy

17 Weeks Pregnant : Changes in Mother

Your baby will continue to grow rapidly during the 17th week of pregnancy. Therefore you may often feel the desire of eating. Yo can experience excessive appetite in pregnancy. This pregnancy stage will be the period you started to gain weight, but remember taking a maximum of 3 pounds between weeks is considered normal.

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17th Week Suggestions

If you have cramps in your legs, do not stand for too long. Try to lie on your side as often as you can. Stretching exercises can help with this.

Add potassium to your diet program by contacting a dietician before the cramps on your legs. Potassium-rich foods are raisins and bananas.

If you still do not feel the movements of your baby during the 17th week of pregnancy, you do not have to worry about this. Feeling the first movement of your baby can extend until the 22nd week of pregnancy..


Recommendations for the father in the 17th week of pregnancy.

Ladies will be quite emotional during this period. Therefore, it would be the job of the spouses to help them during pregnancy stages. It is very important that fathers follow the necessary supplements. In addition, talking to the baby will allow you to connect with your baby.

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