18 Weeks Pregnant

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This week may begin to form pregnancy stretch marks. You may need to pay attention to the water consumption and exercise during pregnancy.


18 Weeks Pregnant : Changes in Baby

At 18 weeks of pregnancy stages, the baby has a height of about 14 cm and a weight of about 200 grams.

In the 18th week, fingerprints begin to form on the hands and feet of the baby. In male babies prostate gland develops. The baby may kick and have hiccups in these weeks. Baby movements are felt mostly by the mother this week. However, it may be necessary to wait up to 20 weeks in first pregnancies to feel the movement.


18 Weeks Pregnant: Changes in Mother

Around the 18th week of pregnancy stages, the mothers usually start buying little clothes as they learned the sex of the baby. Although the error in gender is frequent until this period, it is rare after this week. In the previous weeks, the swelling in the belly is noticeable while naked, as of this week, slowly begins to become clear even while dressed. It is not correct to compare the size of the abdomen with other pregnant women because the size of the abdomen does not always give accurate information about the height and weight of the baby. In other words, the baby of a pregnant woman whose belly looks smaller can be bigger. It is not possible to comment on the health of pregnancy by looking at the size of the abdomen.

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You should continue to pay attention to the rules of healthy nutrition; Excessive sweet, sugar, bakery, pastry should not be consumed. Excessive fruit consumption should also be avoided. You should perform regular walking or any other exercise recommended by your doctor. You can also do yoga in pregnancy. Get more information in our article named doing yoga in pregnancy.


What’s going on step by step in your body?

  • You may be feeling tired. This common issue is mostly due to hormone change and more intense running heart.
  • Your circulatory system is undergoing major changes and it is normal for your blood pressure to be lower than normal.
  • Now, treat your body more carefully; Get up slowly when you are sitting or lying down.
  • Try to balance your blood sugar by consuming light meals and eating less and frequent during the day.
  • Drink plenty of fluid during the day.
  • Lie on your side. If you lie on your back, your uterus can clog a large vein and cause the blood to return to your heart. Place a pillow under your waist or between your legs to make sure that you sleep in a comfortable position.


Articles that we published week by week about the pregnancy stages are information for you. We recommend that you do not use different methods during pregnancy stages without consulting your doctor.


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