19th Week of Pregnancy

19th Week of Pregnancy : Changes in Baby

There are two things mothers are wondering in every week again and again. How much is my baby’s height and weight this week? This week the length of the fetus from the head to the hips will range from 13 to 15 cm. The baby’s weight will be around 200-225 grams this week. You won’t believe this, but your baby’s weight will increase by 15 times until the birth.

Let the music begin!

Your baby’s hearing has improved. He/she can hear many different voices and even your conversations. Of course, the most obvious voice in speeches is yours! If you talk to him/her or sing, he/she might notice it.

19th Week of Pregnancy : Changes in Mother

At 19 weeks of pregnant weight is another curiosity. So far, the total weight gain is 3.6 to 6.3 kg. And, only 200 grams of this weight belongs to the baby.


19 Weeks Pregnant Complaints: Dizziness

Dizziness is a very common complaint during pregnancy stages and is usually caused by low blood pressure. 19 weeks pregnant problems, mostly starts at the 2nd trimester. However, there is a possibility that it may appear earlier than it is.

19 weeks pregnant - 19th Week of Pregnancy
19th Week of Pregnancy

Hypotension during pregnancy stages can be due to the following reasons.

  1. Standing up quickly: It occurs when you stand up too quickly from a seat. Due to gravity, when you get up quickly, your blood pressure drops. Getting up slowly and stepwise can reduce the problem.
  2. Anemia: Anemia causes dizziness, fatigue and weakness. Blood values should be monitored regularly during pregnancy stages.
  3. Blood glucose level: High or low blood sugar causes dizziness or fatigue. You can reduce this problem by eating balanced and planned, with not skipping meals and not staying hungry for a long time.


Calcium intake during pregnancy :

Daily calcium requirement during pregnancy stages increases by 50% compared to pre-pregnancy. Taking calcium every day about 1200 mg is very critical. Of course you should talk to your doctor about the net amounts. Foods such as milk, yoghurt and cheese products, almonds, broccoli are rich in calcium. At the same time taking vitamins can increase your body’s resistance and prevent Influenza in Pregnancy.

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