20th Week of Pregnancy

During your 20 weeks of pregnancy, your baby starts to make you feel better by his/her movements with his/her tiny hands and feet.

Enjoy life and pregnancy stages between the 14th and 26th weeks, considered to be the most comfortable stages of pregnancy. Especially if it is your first pregnancy your sleepless nights is almost 20 weeks away from you, so enjoy your sleep.


20 Weeks Pregnant : Change in Baby


At the 20th week of your pregnancy stages, your baby’s weight is approximately 300 grams and his/her height is 24-25 cm. With these values, your baby is like a little banana this week.

In the 20th week of pregnancy stages, your baby starts to move actively. If you’ve started to feel your baby’s movements over the past few weeks, the movements that you felt will increase. But don’t worry if you don’t feel any movement, you will feel your baby’s presence this week or in the coming weeks.


While the baby’s nervous system continues to develop during the 20 weeks of gestation, the bundles of nerve cells that begin to perceive senses such as pain, temperature and touch have begun to develop.


As your baby grows, your womb grows also. External genital organs become more prominent in the 20th week of pregnancy. The sex of babies is seen in ultrasound examinations at between the 18th and 20th weeks. If you haven’t learned your baby’s sex until 20 weeks of pregnancy, you’ll probably learn at your next examination.


You can learn about pregnancy stages and get week by week pregnancy information in our website.

20 weeks pregnant - 20th Week of Pregnancy
pregnancy stages week 20

20 Weeks Pregnant : Changes in Mother

In the 20th week of pregnancy, your uterus elevates to the level of your belly button. You may have taken about 5-10 pounds until this week.

If you get pregnant as a thin person, you may need to contribute to the development of the baby by taking protein more than as usual. However, if you are overweight, avoid excessive carbohydrate consumption, especially when you think about your birth and your postpartum periods! Check our post getting rid of weight after pregnancy  about weight problems in pregnancy.

In the 20 weeks of pregnancy, iron need for mother and baby is quite important! Because red meat is rich in iron, its consumption during pregnancy stages is particularly recommended.


You may have difficulty in sleeping as your stages of pregnancy progress. In the bed to lie on your side and put a pillow between your legs makes you more comfortable. It is not recommended to lie on your back during this stage and after.

Another trouble of pregnancy hormones is excessive sweating and hot flashes. In this case it is especially important to adjust the temperature of the place where you sleep for a comfortable sleep.

Lastly, getting out of bed with your body, which is aggravated at 20 weeks pregnant and later periods, will become increasingly difficult. Don’t try to get out of bed directly! First, come to the edge of the bed, take side lying position. Then try to lift your body by taking power from your bed with your hands!

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