26th Week of Pregnancy

Development of Your Baby at 26th Week of Pregnancy Stages

At the end of the 26th gestational week, your baby is about 900 grams. The baby’s length can be around 24 centimeters.

Your baby spends most of the day in fetal position in the womb.

Your baby can open and close the eyelid. In the following weeks of pregnancy, your baby will try to move the eyelids more frequently.

The amniotic fluid which your baby in it is decrease. For this reason, you will feel your baby’s kicks and punches better.

You can suddenly jump out of sleep in the middle of the night because you will feel your baby’s movements more effective.


26 weeks ultrason - 26th Week of Pregnancy
26 weeks ultrasound, stages of pregnancy

How does your body change during the 26th week of your pregnancy stages?

It is foreseen to take approximately 7 kg until the 26th week of your pregnancy. Depending on your weight before pregnancy stages, this figure will probably increase. Although it doesn’t sound good to get weight, don’t forget that this is a need for healthy development of the baby.


As we mentioned before, blood pressure decreases especially at the end of the first 3 months. However, blood pressure, which tends to decrease again between 22 and 24 weeks, may increase slightly in the 26th week of pregnancy. Preeclampsia (a serious health problem with high blood pressure symptoms), which usually observed at 37 weeks of pregnancy, may also occur earlier. Therefore, changes in blood pressure should be considered.


Another condition that should be observed carefully at 26 weeks of pregnancy with high blood pressure is edema in the body. If you see swelling in the face and around the eyes, hands and feet; or if you are gaining weight very quickly (2-3 kg per week), it is advisable to tell your doctor. In addition to these symptoms, there may be other changes in your body in case of more severe preeclampsia. These can be

  • permanent headache,
  • impaired vision (double vision, blurred, spot or light flashing, sensitivity to light, transient loss of vision),
  • intense pain in the upper abdomen or vomiting.

If you see any of these symptoms in your body, you should talk to your doctor. Also check getting rid of weight after pregnancy to know more about regaining your old form after pregnancy.


Attention to Back Pain in Pregnancy!

If you feel back and low back pain during the 26th week of pregnancy stages, there are two possible causes. First, the growing uterus changes your body’s center of gravity and weakens your abdominal muscles. The second is the change in hormone levels that loosens joint and connective tissue with the growing uterus. In addition, your increased body weight causes your muscles to work more than as usual while carrying your baby and hence causes stress on the joints. Therefore, you may feel more tired at the end of the day. If you have to sit or lie for a long time, supporting your back with pillows will reduce the pain.

Things you can do to reduce back pain during pregnancy

After the 26th week, you can take a warm bath or apply warm compresses to relieve these pains (some women say that cold compresses are more relaxing). In addition, you can try to keep your body in more accurate posture throughout the day. You should stay away from activities that require movements such as bending or turning. And also, take a break when you are tired of sitting or standing. At night, you can lie down in a side position and put a pillow between your legs and behind your waist to help you sleep peacefully. At the same time you can correct your posture by doing appropriate excercises that will not harm your pregnancy. In order to do that read Doing Yoga in Pregnancy and get more information.

Our articles are prepared to give advice. You should consult your doctor for exact information.


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