pregnancy stages week 27 - 27th Week of Pregnancy

27th Week of Pregnancy

Now, you are at the end of the third trimester period and are now experiencing new pregnancy symptoms. During these last months, you may experience an increase in your appetite, as your body needs more energy. Activities such as healthy eating and yoga will help you to gather strength.


How does your baby change during the 27th week of your pregnancy stages?


Your baby weighs almost 905 grams this week of your pregnancy. Up to 36 cm in length. Your baby can sleep now, waking up at regular intervals, opening and closing eyes, and perhaps sucking fingers. Brain activity is more active since your baby’s brain development is more effective. Although your baby’s lungs are still immature, they are capable of performing their functions. Also, depending on your baby’s hiccups, you may feel tiny rhythmic movements. If you consume spicy food, your baby will keep hiccups, but don’t worry, this will quickly disappear.

27 weeks pregnant - 27th Week of Pregnancy
27 weeks pregnant

Your baby can recognize your voice


Yes, your baby can recognize both you and your partner’s voice. As the nerves that grow into your baby’s ears have matured, thanks to the vernix creamy structure covering the nerves, he/she can hear sounds, even though they are blurred. Therefore, you can support memory development of your baby by singing songs, lullabies or reading a storybook to your baby. Also in the 27th week, it is possible to hear your baby’s heart sounds if your belly is resting.


How does your body change during the 27th week of your pregnancy stages?


With the end of the second trimester your body developes quickly for the last lap and brings new symptoms. Symptoms such as increased cramps in the leg muscles, especially back pain, can be experienced in the 27th week. Unfortunately, cramps are getting worse as the pregnancy progresses. Cramps that are usually felt at night can be also experienced during the day.

Another condition that occurs in your body during this week of pregnancy is edema and swelling. In fact, 3 out of 4 pregnant women suffer from edema and swelling. In particular, edema in the ankles, feet and hands occurs as fluid accumulation in the body tissues. Because of edema, your fingers are unable to enter your rings. If the swelling of the edema is excessive, you should consult your doctor. You can reduce your edema and swelling by trying to do appropriate exercises like walking and swimming. On the other hand, you should also pay attention to daily water consumption. Too much edema in your body does not mean that you need to reduce water consumption. It is important to drink water regularly during the day to ensure hydration. Edema is a temporary problem and it passes after birth.