pregnancy stages week 28 - 28th Week of Pregnancy

28th Week of Pregnancy

The week 28 of pregnancy stages may not be as comfortable as you are in the second trimester. Leg cramps, varicose veins, skin cracks, low back pain, swelling of your feet, heartburn, indigestion are relatively more frequent in this period. Almost all of these symptoms can be treated in various ways. So, you should consult your doctor.

Winter season is a period of increased susceptibility to influenza infections. However, cold can occur in all seasons. For this reason, you should consume plenty of foods such as strawberries, orange juice containing vitamin C which strengthens substance of the immune system.

How does your baby change during the 28th week of your pregnancy stages?

Your baby continues to grow at incredible speed. Eyebrows and eyelashes have already formed, and hair continues to grow. Your baby has started to build fat stores and 2-3% of his/her weight is composed of fat tissue.

Your doctor may have told you that “your baby is standing upside down” in your last examination. Nearly half of the babies stand upside down during this week of pregnancy. So they sit in the uterus instead of standing upside down as a normal baby position. Don’t worry, your baby changes the position frequently because there are plenty of places to move in these weeks.

28th Week Pregnancy Advice

Fatigue during pregnancy stages is probably the most common symptom of pregnancy. Fatigue should actually be perceived as a warning, not as a symptom. While the fatigue and tendency to sleep during pregnancy has disappeared in the second trimester, it starts to show itself again from these weeks. It warns you that you need to pay more attention to your body.

It may disturb you from time to time that your baby is constantly on the move. In addition, changing his/her position to take the birth position may give a feeling of pain and pressure in the lower region. Leg cramps that may have started last week may continue this week. For this, you should take care not to stand too far in the day and not to tire your legs.

In addition, in 28 weeks of pregnancy you may see bleeding in your gums while brushing your teeth. Pregnancy cracks that are likely to start in the past weeks may increase gradually this week.

This week you can be emotionally nervous, fearful and anxious and at the same time excited.

28 weeks pregnant - 28th Week of Pregnancy
28 weeks pregnant

What happens to your baby this week?

  1.  All organs of your baby have developed.
  2.  The development of your baby’s 5 senses has been completed.
  3.  Eyebrows and eyelashes are formed.
  4.  Your baby starts coughing this week of your pregnancy.
  5.  The neurons of the brain continue to develop rapidly to adapt to the outside world.


28 - 28th Week of Pregnancy

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