29th week of pregnancy - 29th Week of Pregnancy

29th Week of Pregnancy

At 29 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is about 40 cm tall and has reached 1,100 gr.

Your baby’s lungs are about to complete their development to breathe when he/she go out. Immune system is now well developed to protect him/her from the outside world. Even though your baby’s immune system will protect him/her after the birth, the antibodies in breast milk will be one of the most important factors for your baby’s health.


Your uterus that develops during your pregnancy is a very convenient environment for your baby.

However, as your baby grows, it will be difficult to fit into the space which he/she is in. Therefore, as in previous weeks, your baby will not move much. But, muscles and bones will continue to develop, so his/her movements will be quite strong.


The fat tissue continues to be stored.

Your baby can move his/her eyes to the right or left in the 29th week of pregnancy. Perceptions such as sound, light, smell, and taste are strengthened.

Each passing week, increase the likelihood of a strong and healthy birth.

Your baby’s brain can regularly control breathing and body temperature. His/her lashes grow and brain continues to grow.

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29th Week of Pregnancy

Body Changes in Mother at Week 29 of Pregnancy

You got about 8 to 10 pounds until the 29th week. That’s why you should pay attention to your weight. Constipation and heartburn can show itself again. However, remember that this is quite normal in this week.

You can experience sudden dizziness. For this reason, you have to move more slowly and lie sideways to the bed. When you getting out of bed, you should sit down first. After that, you can get up. This way you can prevent dizziness. You may feel more tired during this pregnancy period. There may be an increase in swelling in your hands and feet. It is also useful to look at this subject: How can you deal with fatigue during pregnancy?



It is very important to take vitamin C, folic acid and iron to meet your baby’s basic needs during this period. In the last three months of your pregnancy stages, you should consume 250 mg of calcium every day for the development of your baby’s bones. Consult with your doctor to learn the nutrients rich in calcium. At the same time, take care to take magnesium during pregnancy.


Can Preeclampsia Occur?

Preeclampsia is generally seen in the third period of pregnancy which is very close to delivery and it can be easly healed. But if it passes severe, this shows that there may be problems in the development of the baby. Blurred vision, excessive swelling of the hands and face, sudden and severe headaches, pain in the upper abdomen may be the symptoms of preeclampsia. You can find more detailed information in this topic: What is Preeclampsia in Pregnancy?


In 29th Week Can Premature Birth Occur?

Birth between 24th and 37th weeks of pregnancy is called premature birth during pregnancy. So, it is useful to be careful this week. Genital infection, problems with the placenta, or cervical insufficiency may cause premature birth in pregnancy. In this topic, we explained in more detail: What are the causes of premature birth?



In the third period of your pregnancy, your mobility may have begun to decrease due to your expanding abdomen. However, it is important to continue exercising to increase the energy level and accelerate the blood circulation.