3 Month Old Baby Developments and Problems - 3 Month Old Baby: Developments and Problems

3 Month Old Baby: Developments and Problems

In your 3 month old baby, you will see the happiness and excitement of your baby and communication skills developing rapidly. During these months your baby will begin to know and love himself.


We know that you are wondering what your 3 month old baby can do, how his development, and how much his weight should be. So read the entire article and don’t forget to comment.


Important points about 3 month old baby development

3 Month Old Baby Developments and Problems
3 Month Old Baby Developments and Problems

3 month old baby movements

Your baby knows you now. In fact, he will be able to distinguish the people he sees at home from their voices. At the same time, when he sees you, he will be excited and wave his arms. When you enter your baby’s room, he will follow you with his eyes, and react to your talking. It is important for the baby’s development to react to the sounds he hears.

Your baby is now slowly getting to know himself and the environment. For this reason, you can observe that your baby constantly examines his hands and puts the objects he has captured in his mouth. This behavior of babies is caused by the desire to recognize the object. With the help of a mirror, you can make it easier for your baby to recognize himself. He will quite enjoy this.


Your baby will now start make some sounds. When lying on the front, with the help of his hands, he can lift himself up. He can also raise his head when he’s lying on his back. It is recommended to be careful because your baby will start rolling around from the 3rd month.


Problems you may encounter in your 3 month old baby

The problem of diaper rash and thrush in 3 month old babies is quite common.


Diaper rash problem in 3 month old babies

Diaper rash is usually caused by the moist diaper irritating your baby’s leg. Not replacing the dirty diaper immediately causes irritation to the baby’s skin and may cause bacterial growth.


The best remedy for diaper rash is to change your baby’s diaper frequently and keep the diaper dry. You should use a diaper rash cream recommended by your doctor and clean your baby with warm water. You can use a soap special for babies. But, you have to make sure that you dry your baby well. We recommend that you call your doctor if the diaper rash gets worse, lasts more than a few days, or if wounds occur.


What is oral thrush?

Oral thrush is a fungal disease and occurs in the form of white wounds in the mouth. If you see white dots in your baby’s mouth, you should go to your doctor immediately. Because oral thrush will grow even more in hot and wet areas. If you are breastfeeding, it can spread to your nipples and cause dryness and irritation.

In these cases, it is recommended that you contact your baby’s doctor. Do not forget to wash your hands frequently during the treatment and disinfect your baby’s stuff. For more information: Oral Thrush in Babies.


Height and weight of the 3 month old baby?

The development of 3 month old babies varies according to their height and weight. The mean weight in 3 month old female babies is 5350 g, while the average weight in male infants is 5850 g. The mean length of the 3 month old girl is 57 cm, while the average length for men is 60 cm. We encourage you to follow your baby’s development process and get information from your doctor. You can check our article about month by month baby heights and weights: Height and Weight Changes in Baby Boys and Baby Girls.

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