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3 Weeks Pregnant

What is the weight and height of the baby in the 3rd week of pregnancy?

It is not possible to get information about height and weight in the third week of pregnancy.

What are the changes that occur in the mother during the third week of pregnancy?

This week there will be no change in the mother. Symptoms will begin to emerge in the coming weeks.

How does the behavior of the mother affect the baby at 3 weeks of pregnancy?

Regular and healthy life of the mother affects the baby in a good way. Exercises will be good for the mother’s psychology as well as for the developing embryo. Mother should exercise at least 15 minutes per day. Exercises during pregnancy stages have a positive effect on the health of the baby and mother because it accelerates blood flow. However, there are issues that the expectant mother should take into consideration when exercising. There are three basic questions that come to mind during pregnancy stages.


What are the points that the expectant mother should take into consideration when exercising?

  • When exercising, pay attention to increased body temperature.
  • During pregnancy stages, the expectant mother should be careful not to wear or damage the abdomen due to exercises.

Does doing excessive sports has an effect on expectant mothers?

  • With increasing body temperature, the body is become dehydrated and this affects the health of both the baby and the mother. In fact, in the summer this situation is even more dangerous.
  •  Some movements slow blood flow at the uterus or cut off the blood flow, slowing blood flow adversely affects the development of the baby.
  •  Any deformation that may occur in the mother’s abdomen also adversely affects the baby.
pregnancystages 3week  - 3 Weeks Pregnant
3 weeks pregnant

What kind of problems does the expectant mothers expect when they do excessive sports?

There is a risk of losing the baby. This situation may cause harm to both mother and baby. For this reason, the expectant mother should choose types of sports that is healthy and not difficult and also she should avoid dangerous movements.

How should healthy exercise programs be for pregnant womens?

  • Comfortable and healthy clothing should be preferred.
  •  Measure your heart rate every 15 minutes. Your pulse should not exceed 140 in 1 minute.
  • Warm up moves is also very important.
  • When you finish the sport, you must finish slowly and not suddenly stop  exercise.
  • If there is any bleeding or loss of fluid from the mother after the exercise, she should lie back. If it continues, consult a obstetrician.