30 weeks pregnant - 30 Weeks Pregnant - Changes and Symptoms

30 Weeks Pregnant – Changes and Symptoms

In this week you are now 30 weeks pregnant. If you are wondering 30 weeks pregnancy is how many months, it is 7 months. If you also wondering what happens in the 30th week of pregnancy, what are the changes in the mother, you’re in the right place.

Baby development at 30 weeks pregnant

30 weeks pregnant is in the one of the best weeks in terms of baby weight. The baby weighs about 1,380 grams and has an average length of 42 cm. However, as we mentioned before, babies show different levels of development. Each baby’s weight may also be different. Your baby could be under or above the numbers we mentioned. The important thing is that everything is going well.

 What are the changes in the mother at 30 weeks pregnant?

It is normal to feel the need to go to the toilet frequently during this period. Because your baby is growing and needs more space, your urinary bladder can not hold much urine.

In this period, your rapidly growing belly may cause you to experience balance problems.

You may feel bad emotionally because of changes in pregnancy stages. You may feel tired, you can experience fear of birth. There may be loosening of your joints and ligaments due to hormonal changes. But there is nothing to worry about. The loosening of the muscles may spreads towards the feet, so you can feel a swelling in your feet. In these weeks wearing large shoes will be usefull for you. For mothers who have to go to work, the 30th week of pregnancy can be difficult.

For more information about joint pain during pregnancy; Are Joint Pains Normal During Pregnancy?

30 weeks pregnant 1 - 30 Weeks Pregnant - Changes and Symptoms
30 weeks pregnant


There is a little time left to the delivery. The baby in you is growing day by day and the need for food is increasing. You are the only food source for your baby’s development. Therefore, if you want to give birth to a healthy baby, you should pay attention to your diet. The most basic principle of nutrition is to be fed properly and balanced with various and healthy foods during pregnancy. There are foods that need to be avoided for healthy nutrition during pregnancy. In this article we discussed this foods in more detail: Detrimental Foods in Pregnancy.

 How much weight did you gain ?

You should be taking an average of 500 grams during the 30 weeks of pregnancy development. Average healthy weight gain during pregnancy is between 11 and 14 kg. But if you get pregnant when you’re too thin, it could go up to 16 kg. Almost half of this weight is related to the baby, the placenta and the growth of the volume of the uterus.