31 weeks pregnant - 31 Weeks Pregnant: Advice for Parents

31 Weeks Pregnant: Advice for Parents

What are the changes in the baby at 31 weeks of pregnancy?

At 31 weeks pregnant, the rate of physical development in the baby is slightly lower than in previous weeks. With the decrease of physical development, the number of brain cells, ie nerve cells, increases. This week, you will need a lot of calcium for you and your baby. Therefore, in this week, the mother should consume a lot of dairy products.


What is the height and weight of the baby at 31 weeks pregnant?

At the 31st week of pregnancy, the baby is in the range of 1500-1600 kg and the height is 40 cm in average. These values ​​may vary for each baby. The diet of the mother has a significant impact on the baby’s height and weight. Especially at these stages, mothers should definitely stay away from smoking and alcohol. Otherwise, serious health problems may occur.


What is the ultrasound image of the baby at 31 weeks pregnant?

At the 31 weeks pregnant, baby is seen more active in ultrasound. This can be explained by the presence of the baby’s developed organs.

31 Weeks Pregnant Advice for Parents - 31 Weeks Pregnant: Advice for Parents
31 Weeks Pregnant Advice for Parents

What are the changes in the mother at the 31st week of pregnancy?

In this period, especially because the bones of babies develop rapidly and begin to harden, the mother needs more iron than usual. In order to meet the need for iron during pregnancy stages, especially milk products should be consumed. With the increase in infant development in this week, the circulatory system slows down as the uterine region fills the whole abdomen. A mother is expected to get approximately 10-12 kg more than her normal weight until this week.


Important Recommendations for Father about Week 31 in Pregnancy

By the 31st week, the father must take some responsibilities. Because women have some problems in terms of movement this week, it is necessary for the father to do the house works. Women may be a little more emotional this week, and it will be useful for the father to be more considerate.


Stretch Marks in the 31st Week of Pregnancy

Especially in these weeks, stretch marks in the abdomen can be seen in every woman. It is important to care with moisturizers continuously. You can reduce the formation of stretch marks a little. Learn more about stretch marks in pregnancy: Pregnancy Stretch Marks.

Especially at the 31st week, you shouldn’t have get tired much and you shouldn’t stand too far. As long as you are standing, your feet will have edema and swellings will begin to form. Your feet need care. You will feel that your feet are swollen when you are standing constantly.

For more detailed information about foot swelling during pregnancy; Foot Swelling Problem and Solution in Pregnancy.


31 Weeks Pregnant: Sexual Intercourse

There is no restriction on sexual intercourse in this week unless otherwise specified by your doctor. In a pregnancy that progresses normally, sexual intercourse does not pose any problems until the last month of the pregnancy. However, in cases of multiple pregnancy, miscarriage risk, premature birth, bleeding, you should inform your doctor.

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