32 weeks pregnant - 32 Weeks Pregnant: Changes and Useful Tips

32 Weeks Pregnant: Changes and Useful Tips

In this article, we prepared for you the changes at the 32 weeks pregnant and developements in the baby. Let’s start with the changes in your baby.

32 Weeks Pregnant; Changes in Your Baby

At the week 32, your baby’s height is approximately 42 cm and weight is around 1550 – 1650 grams.

From this week, your baby’s five sense organs have developed and even your baby has begun dreaming. His/her lungs and all organs except the digestive system has completed their developments. Lashes, eyebrows, nails and hair were also formed. When he/she is awake, he/she can do many things a newborn baby does.

The skin color of your 32 week old baby will start to return to normal after this week.

Although your baby’s growth rate has decreased compared to previous weeks, he/she continues to gain weight rapidly. You can easily see the whole body details of your baby in ultrasound images. Because his/her easily visible organs such as hands and feet have developed greatly.

This week, the thin, soft hairs formed in the previous weeks will begin to spill. Your baby can react to outside light by opening and closing eyes this week. You can perceive that your baby is sleeping or not by following the movements in your womb.

Ultrasound image of the 32 week old baby

Changes in the Mother at Week 32

Your blood density will increase to meet your needs both for your baby and you.

You can experience shortness of breath in these weeks because of the growth in your uterus. You may feel sharp pains in your waist and legs. These pains are the symptoms of sciatica. If you have pain while sitting, you can get support from a pillow.

As you get closer to the day of birth, your back pain will increase.

You may experience insomnia due to back pain and have difficulty in moving. It is useful to state this situation to your doctor. This may be also a sign of premature birth. However, if the cause is not premature birth, it is definitely the growth of your uterus. If you want to get more detailed information about the premature birth and take a look at its symptoms; What are the causes of premature birth?


Your constantly moving baby may cause sleep problems

But, being active gives you important information about your baby’s health. Therefore, the frequency of movement of the baby is an important data for doctors.

You may experience mild and false contractions called Braxton Hicks. This is the contractions that will prepare you for birth, so you don’t have to worry.

32 Weeks Pregnant Changes and Useful Tips - 32 Weeks Pregnant: Changes and Useful Tips
32 Weeks Pregnant Changes and Useful Tips

Health and Nutrition at 32 Weeks Pregnant

From now on, you will get 1 kg every week until the birth. Half of it will go to your baby and the rest will be the water retained in your body. You should avoid high sodium foods and carbonated beverages.


Can Preeclampsia be seen?

Excessive protein in urine and high blood pressure may be a sign of pregnancy poisoning. Preeclampsia is generally seen in the third part of pregnancy which is very close to delivery and can be overcome with a mild effect. However, if it is severe, this may cause problems in the development of the baby. For more detailed information about preeclampsia, read our article: What is Preeclampsia in Pregnancy?


32 Weeks Pregnant: Sports and Social Activity

Lightweight exercises and regular sports make your muscles work and provide you a more comfortable birth. It is also beneficial for your baby.


Sexuality at the Week 32

It is stated that there is no drawback in experiencing sexuality if certain conditions are provided from the first moment of pregnancy until the end of the pregnancy. Your worries may increase during these periods when you are close to day of birth. You can talk to your doctor and get more detailed information.