33 weeks pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant: Important Changes

Most of the mothers feel a general discomfort in their bodies during 8 months of pregnancy. At the 33rd week of pregnancy, you may feel weak and tired.  Your belly growth may be blocking some of your activities. On the other hand, your baby has entered a period of rapid growth in the womb. If you are curious about the changes that mother and baby will have at 33 weeks pregnant, you can read the article.


Body Changes at 33 Weeks Pregnant

In the third trimester, the need to go to the toilet frequently may interrupt your sleep. You may feel exhausted all day because of insomnia in pregnancy. Other important changes at the 33 weeks prengnat are as follows:

  • There may be numbness in your hands and fingers.
  • There may be forgetfulness in pregnancy due to lack of sleep.
  • You may have trouble breathing from time to time. You can make breathing easier by trying breathing exercises.
  • There may be swelling in your feet, legs and arms due to edema and water retention.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions continue this week.
  • Your nails grow faster than usual. You can feel your hair thicker than usual. The main reason for these changes is the pregnancy hormone estrogen which helps your baby to develop. At the same time, estrogen hormone may cause mood swings in the third trimester.
  • There may be a tingling sensation in your fingers. This may be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is common in the third trimester of pregnancy. Edema and water retention of the body can also increase pressure on the median nerve and cause numbness of the hands and fingers.
  • Your belly continues to grow. In the third trimester, the growing belly often leads to balance problems. Lack of sleep and weakness can lead to problems of forgetfulness and clumsiness. Therefore, try to be cautious.
  • The constantly expanding abdomen exerts pressure on all internal organs including the lungs. Shortness of breath is a common symptom at 33 weeks pregnant.
  • Stomach pains are common at the 33rd week of pregnancy. The ligament supporting the uterus is constantly expanding, causing pain on both sides of your abdomen. If there is no pain, fever or bleeding around the abdomen, there is nothing to worry about.
33 Weeks Pregnant Important Changes 1 - 33 Weeks Pregnant: Important Changes
33 Weeks Pregnant Important Changes

Changes in Your Baby at 33 Weeks Pregnant

At the end of week 33, your baby is growing rapidly and fat tissue under his skin continues to form. Also, your baby’s skeleton is continues to gradually harden. However, it is not fully developed. The changes in the baby at the 33rd week of pregnancy are as follows:

In the 8th month of pregnancy, your baby’s eyes are fully developed. Your baby is now ready to live in the outside world. Due to the accumulation of fat beneath the skin, the skin appears less wrinkled and less reddish. The lungs have almost completed their development. At this stage, your baby starts breathing practice in the your womb. Other internal organs such as kidneys have now developed. Bones began to harden. However, the skull remains soft to ensure easy passage at birth. Your baby is growing rapidly and there is little space left in the uterus for him. As a result, he won’t be so active now. But he’il keep kicking. At the 33rd week of pregnancy, your baby now weighs 2 kilograms and has a length of almost 43 centimeters.

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