34 Weeks Pregnant

At the 34 weeks pregnant, the baby’s height is approximately 45 cm, and his weight is about 2 kilos and 150 grams.

The 34 week old baby behaves just like a newborn. He can open his eyes when he is awake, and close while sleeping. The nervous system continues to develop without any interrupt.

Your baby’s skin structure changes and evolves. Both lungs and the fat layer under the skin continues to develop. His hair, which has a great importance in maintaining body temperature, has started to grow. At the same time, by this week, the immune system is able to protect the body against simple microbes.

In 34 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s eye color is a color called baby blue. However, this color has not any relation with the color of your baby’s eye after birth.

Since the pigmentation process in the eyes has not been completed yet, this color will also continue after a while the birth. But, a few weeks later, your baby’s eyes will return to its original color.

Thousands of connections that allow your baby to learn have begun to take shape in his brain. This brain development is the reason your baby is sleeping frequently.


Body Changes at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Your body, which is quite heavy, will limit your movements greatly. Since the birth day is close, you can start preparing your hospital bag. The labour pains you experience during these periods are for preparing you for the birth.

Your growing belly and growing baby can cause some physical troubles. For example, you may have a difficulty in sleeping. In this case, the important thing is to choose the most suitable sleeping position for you. For 34 weeks pregnants, doctors generally recommend lying on the left side. For the best sleep positions during pregnancy, look at this article: Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy.

The swelling in your body will continue. Massaging may prevent swelling a little bit.


34 Weeks Pregnant: Health & Nutrition

Your baby will take all the nutrients from breast milk. Therefore, it is very important that you have healthy eating habits for breastfeeding. You should take care of your nutrition for your baby and yourself. Nursing mothers should consume more than 2 liters of fluid daily.


The Risk of Preeclampsia (Pregnancy Poisoning)

High amount of albumin type protein in urine and high blood pressure may be the sign of preeclampsia also known as pregnancy poisoning. Preeclampsia is generally seen in the third period of pregnancy. It is usually mild and mother will recover easily. However, if it is heavy, this shows that there may be problems in the development of baby. In this case, the best way is to give birth to the baby.

Blurred vision, excessive swelling of hand and face, sudden and severe headaches, pain in the upper abdomen can be symptoms of preeclampsia. If you experience one of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately.


The Risk of Premature Birth

If birth take place between the 24th week and the 37th week of pregnancy, this is called premature birth. Unreasonable opening of your uterus and water breaking are the signs of premature birth. Therefore, these weeks are very important. Also, genital infection, problems in the placenta, or cervical insufficiency may be the cause of premature birth. For signs of premature birth, check out our article: Signs of Premature Birth.



34 Weeks Pregnant: Sports & Social Activity

Regular exercise in these weeks will help a lot in birth. It is useful to exercise for both your baby and your health unless your doctor tells you otherwise. In the third period of pregnancy, slow paced walking will be a suitable exercise for you. To learn more about walking during pregnancy, you can take a look at this article: Walking During Pregnancy and Its Benefits.


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