5 Month Old Baby Development

In this article, we have prepared what you need to know about 5 month old baby development.


5 Month Old Baby: Listening and Interests

Make your baby listen to music. You will find that he can distinguish between different tones and types. While he is listening to music, you can put him on your lap and dance with him. He will enjoy this, but try not to shake him with quick movements. Because he can be disturbed with this.

Your baby can now hear small voices, whispers. He continues to produce single syllable sounds. His sensitivity to sound increases. Likewise, the ability to see smaller objects has also increased.


5 Month Old Baby: Understanding

Your baby understands your positive messages sent by smiling, whispering, talking and singing. Just as realizing your actions, he can also fully recognize his own reflection in the mirror. In fact, he probably smiles when he sees himself.


5 Month Old Baby: Sounds and Talking

Your baby’s senses are almost as developed as an adult. Communication skills also begin to reach this level rapidly. If you haven’t heard any laughs in the previous months, you’re more likely to hear this month. Tickle him, he may laugh and chuckle. Small giggles are the first steps of talking.


5 Month Old Baby: Social Skills

Your baby will try to reach distant objects this month. Various colors help in the development of his relationships and detection ability. Games are very important for his development. You can understand his feelings more comfortably than in the previous months because his ability to express is quite developed.

Your baby begins to show his appreciation, satisfaction and love. He may be restless and reactive against strangers. When he sees his mother or bottle, he may be excited because it’s eating time. By looking at the mirror together yo can make him get to know you and himself better. Show all his organs by counting their names one by one. If he’s happy with this, he’ll smile at you.

5 Month Old Baby: Social Skills
5 Month Old Baby: Sounds and Talking


5 Month Old Baby: Other Changes

Since your baby will start to turn left and right in these months, never leave him alone where he may fall. In the period of 4-5 months, many parents act hastily to switch to additional food. Family elders who raise children with old methods can also encourage you to do this. But you have to breastfeed your baby until the first 6 months have passed. If a situation where breast milk is not present, then additional food can be used.

Some babies are interested in the way their mothers eat. However, some of them do not care about additional foods for 6-7 months, they only care breast milk. Especially if your breast milk production continues, it is more appropriate that you do not leave breastfeeding and do not give solid foods to your baby.

Your baby will continue to grasp the objects in this month. His reflexes are now more conscious. He usually brings the objects he grasps into his mouth. He recognizes the objects you have hidden, even when he see a small part of them. If your baby’s itchy gum period has started, buy a toy that he can scratch his teeth. But of course, pay attention to the cleanliness of this toy.

Your baby will usually like to sit in these months. When using his hands to support himself, his back will take a curved shape. It will be more accurate to keep the sitting tests short in terms of safety. Although your baby is strengthened with each passing day, it may be wrong to try to make him sit without support. Because there is a possibility that he could suddenly raise one of his hands that use for support. You should support him both sides equally so that he doesn’t fall. And don’t let him sit alone until the end of the 6th month.


5 Month Old Baby – Vaccines

There are no vaccines needed this month.

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