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5 Significant Diagnosis During Pregnancy Stages

Having a child and hugging their baby is a priority for every parent. But sometimes things may not go as expected. With one possible problem, that joy and excitement can suddenly be replaced by sadness and anxiety. A possible disease that can happen to the baby in the mother’s womb can be diagnosed early with intensive screening and follow-up programs.

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The probability of abnormalities during pregnancy stages is between 3-5 percent. An intensive screening and follow-up program is applied to detect abnormalities in babies during pregnancy stages. From about 20 cc blood taken from the mother, sufficient baby DNA can be obtained. In this way, the risk of down syndrome can be estimated by 99 percent accuracy.


Diseases that can be detected in the womb in pregnancy stages


1- Kidney diseases

Although most of the common kidney anomalies are not life threatening, they may cause kidney diseases in the following years. Nowadays, many kidney anomalies can be treated.


2- Lung disease

There are many congenital diseases can happen to the lung of baby in the womb. For example, diseases such as lung cysts, lungs that not fully formed can be seen. These diseases do not constitute a finding in the mother but they can be diagnosed with a careful ultrasonographic examination. Depends on the situation, treatment can be done after birth.


3- Heart diseases

The 20th week of pregnancy is important in baby’s heart development. Therefore, between the 19th and 22nd weeks, it is the best time for ideal fetal anomaly screening . Among the most common cardiac anomalies; tetrathione of the fallot (purple infantile disease), large heart holes, defect in the major vessels or due to large stenosis one side of the heart does not develop, can be count. Nowadays, many cardiac anomalies can be detected during pregnancy stages.

5 Significant Diagnosis During Pregnancy Stages
5 Significant Diagnosis During Pregnancy Stages

4- Dwarfism and crooked feet

Problems such as adhesion in the fingers of the baby, extra or incomplete number of fingers, too long or short limbs can be detect easily during pregnancy srages. They can be treated with small surgeries and prosthesis that develops every day. Hip dislocation, crooked foot, neck curvature, dwarfism, severe limb and spine development disorders are some of the most important skeletal anomalies.


5- Down Syndrome

Down syndrome, which is not a disease but a genetic difference, can be detected in the early period. Between the 11th and the 14th week, nasal bone and nuchal translucency of the baby is determined by ultrasonography. Then, the risk can be determined by using several parameters of mother’s blood. In addition, the possibility of Down Syndrome can be determined by considering the ultrasound findings in the 4th month, some hormonal parameters in the mother’s blood, the age of the mother, the smoking status, disease history.


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