5 Things You Need to Know to Prep for Pregnancy on a Budget

5 Things You Need to Know to Prep for Pregnancy on a Budget

When the pregnancy test comes up positive, all sorts of thoughts and feelings can rush through your head. You may begin to worry about how to be the best parent or how to care for your new baby. Or, like many, your first thought will likely be how to prepare for pregnancy on a tight budget. Well, you’re in luck! At PregnancyStages.net, we know just how much support moms-to-be and new moms need. To help, we have a few tips that can help expectant parents get everything they need for themselves and the new addition, without adding to their family budget.

 It’s Never Too Early to Start Packing Your Diaper Bag

 Ask any new mom or parent and they will tell you that having a fully stocked diaper bag is key to survival. While you may focus solely on baby essentials for your diaper bag, it’s also helpful to have a few things for mom and dad as well. Some key diaper bag supplies to include are nursing pads, toiletries, sanitizer to clean dirty hands, and an extra T-shirt so you have something free of spit-up to wear. Try to shop for these extras throughout your pregnancy so you can score seasonal deals and discounts. Also, start looking ASAP for a cute diaper bag you won’t mind spending money on or lugging around town.

Some Maternity Clothes Can Be Worn Post-Baby Too

 Buying clothes to wear for a few months can get expensive fast. Still, you want to be comfortable during your pregnancy. The best solution for fitting your needs and your budget is to look for clothes you can wear during and after pregnancy. Flowing, lightweight dresses are always easy to adjust as your body changes and can be useful for nursing as well, but you can also find leggings, tees, tunics, cardigans and skirts that can pull double-duty. Depending on how your body changes with pregnancy, you may even be able to wear non-maternity outfits, like flowy tops and stretchy leggings, all of which can cost less and may already be hanging in your closet.

 Setting Up an Adorable Nursery Can Also Be Affordable

 You can apply a few budget-friendly decor tips — like using craft tape to accent walls in fun colors — in order to create a welcoming nursery for your little one. If you really want to stretch your home decor dollars further, ditch the overly sweet themes and go for a style that will last years longer. Rooms that grow with children, ones with neutral colors or removable decals, not only take less money to pull off but also take less hassle to redecorate when you or your child need a change.

 Shopping Secondhand Will Save New Parents a Small Fortune

 Knowing what to buy new or used during your pregnancy prep is one of the major keys to saving money. In general, it makes sense to cut costs by picking up baby clothes and even maternity clothes from second-hand sites and thrift stores, but you will want to splurge on new car seats and strollers to keep your little one safe. If you find secondhand sites you like, such as Facebook swaps or online classifieds, keep them in mind as your baby outgrows toys and clothing, since you can resell baby gear to pad your budget.

 Meal Prep Can Be a Lifesaver for Busy Parents and Their Budgets

 Eating healthy when you’re expecting typically means eating at home. But cooking fresh meals can feel like a burden when you’re pregnant so consider prepping some delicious, pregnancy-friendly meals, such as slow-cooker options, on the weekends. To stay on track with those healthy eating habits after the baby is born, think about asking loved ones to organize a meal train. Dropping by with a meal can help you out and gives your friends a chance to visit with your little one.

Adjusting your life to parenthood won’t be easy, but at least it doesn’t have to be expensive. From researching discounts to planning ahead, there are endless tools and tricks to make saving money on pregnancy and baby essentials simple. You just need to know where to look and how to use them to maximize your new baby budget.

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