5th Week of Pregnancy

Your baby’s height is 1.5 mm long in the 5th week of pregnancy. From this week, the layer that will form the heart of your baby has developed. The central nervous system, brain and spinal cord, muscle and bone structures has began to take shape. If you did not start using folic acid to help with this development, you should start as soon as possible. In fact, you should start using folic acid from the moment you decided to get pregnant. Experts recommend that folic acid should be used 3 months before the pregnancy.

Pregnancy sac may be seen in the ultrasound examination this week. But your baby’s heartbeat may not be heard yet. Your baby will be visible from next week. You will see a letter C curled on the ultrasound.


What can be done for this week’s nausea?

  • Eat more often and less.
  • Take plenty of fluid.
  • Stay away from food that you don’t like.
  • Stay away from the coffee that causes stomach acid.
  • Ventilate your bedroom frequently.
  • Get up slowly from the bed.
  • Lemonade and watermelon help reduce nausea.
  • Salty foods are good for nausea.
  • Do not stay hungry for a long time.


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pregnancystages week 5 2 - 5th Week of Pregnancy
5th week of pregnancy

Advices on the 5th week in pregnancy

Starting this week, it is recommended to start a regular sports program. Thanks to the simple exercises you will do to increase your strength and durability, you will also avoid taking excess weight. Regular exercises will help you overcome physical problems such as back and low back pain.

If you start sports in the early stages of pregnancy, it will be much easier to have your old form after the birth of the baby. Especially during this period you should avoid heavy movements, you can do simple exercises such as walking and swimming.

One of the best known facts about the stages of pregnancy is the consequences of harmful habits. Remove alcohol, cigarettes and drugs completely from your life, which can cause serious problems such as miscarriage, birth complications, mental or physical retardation. Take care not to be present even in smoking environments.

Some household chores and hobbies can be a danger to your baby’s development and your health. If you are exposed to heavy metals and radiation because of your job, you will need to make changes in your work life.

Some cleaning products, pesticides, solvents and lead in tap water can be very damaging to your baby during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor to organize your daily life.


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