6 weeks pregnant 2 - 6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant

This week your baby’s spinal cord develops and the facial region begins to form protrusions. In the 6th week of pregnancy, your baby’s mouth, ears, nose, arms and legs begin to form. The heartbeat of your baby is between 100 and 160 per minute. This is almost twice the heartbeat of a normal person. The blood circulation starts in the entire body. Intestines begin to develop. Bones, muscles begin to take shape. His/her lungs begin to take their shape and turn into sac-like structures. This continues to develope so that your baby is ready for his/her first breathing. In the mid-sixth week of pregnancy, the upper limb bud, which will develop arms and hands and a few days later, the lower limb bud, which is the structure where the legs and feet will develop, is formed.

All the changes seen in the baby with pregnancy stages

  • This week your baby’s mouth, ear, nose began to take shape.
  • If you could look into your uterus, you would see there was a head with small dark spots on it. They are your baby’s eyes and nostrils. Two small holes next to his/her head are ears.
  • His/her arms and legs are beginning to form.
  • His/her heartbeat is between 100 and 160 per minute.
  • His/her blood began to circulate in his/her body.
  • His/her intestines began to develop, and then the bud that will form his/her lungs began to emerge.
  • The pituitary gland and the rest of the brain, bones, muscles are shaped.
  • At the moment, the size of your baby is as much as a lentil.
6 weeks pregnant - 6 Weeks Pregnant
6 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Stages 6. Week Recommendations

The risk of miscarriage is increased at 6th week and after 6 weeks of pregnancy so it is an important period. Bleeding and pain during this week may be important symptoms of miscarriage. Therefore, it should not be ignored. But it does not mean that every bleeding and pain is miscarriage, but it is still necessary to consult the doctor in terms of taking precautions.

6 Weeks Pregnant 1 - 6 Weeks Pregnant
6 Weeks Pregnant

Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs should not be used in this week as in other pregnancy weeks.

It should be tried to consume at least 2-3 liters of water per day on average.

Psychological differences due to changes in the hormone level at the 6th week of pregnancy are quite natural. After all, you are pregnant and motherhood is a big responsibility. This situation is normal, but you should try to stay away from the stress to get rid of the psychological differences that affect you and you should get some hobbies that will motivate you but be careful not to get tired.

It is normal to see blood drops in the early stages of pregnancy. However, it should not be neglected to consult a doctor considering the possibility of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.