7th Week of Pregnancy

What are the changes in the mother during the 7th week of pregnancy?

At week 7 of pregnancy, changes in the mother are extremely slow. Pregnancy is still not apparent. This week people won’t realize you’re pregnant as long as you don’t tell them. If you want to keep this situation for a while you can hide it easily. You may have gained a few pounds so far. This is normal.

The symptoms of the 7th week of pregnancy are still the same as the early pregnancy symptoms. Fatigue, desire to sleep, stomach boil, frequent urination, constipation, indigestion, gas, bloating, craving or disgust, headache can be counted among the complaints of 7th week of pregnancy. So this week you can experience all these complaints or a few of them. This is a process that varies from person to person.

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Infant development in the 7th week of pregnancy

  • This week, the baby’s mouth and tongue will shape.
  • His/her intestines develop and his appendix is already ready.
  • Hand, arm, shoulder, foot, leg and knee parts will shaped.
  • The baby’s kidneys are now in place. It is preparing to start urine production and excretion tasks. Luckily it is early to enter the world of diapers yet.
  • The progressing skull is still transparent. If we look through with a magnifying glass, we can see the smooth surface of his/her tiny brain.


Does Nausea Continue?

At week 7, nausea continues. Especially, it starts when you get out of bed in the morning and it increases as you move. Even though it’s called morning sickness, it can happen in every hour. For this, carrying an emergency bag can comfort you.

What to eat during the 7th week of pregnancy?

You should be sure that you are taking care of your calcium intake in the 7th week of pregnancy.

The baby needs calcium for the development of bones and teeth. Calcium also protects the mother’s bone health and balances blood pressure. Dairy products are rich in calcium and contain vitamin D, which helps in the absorption of calcium.

The doctor will tell you how much calcium you should consume, depending on your particular condition (weight, height, bone density, calcium values). If you have not received such information, you must ask for proper nutrition. It is important to take the necessary calcium from the nutrients, but some doctors recommend calcium supplementation.

Pregnancy Stages week 7
7th Week of Pregnancy

As a result;

Milk, cheese, yogurt, flax seed, almond, spinach, arugula, chard, green leafy vegetables are counted as a source of calcium. If you have a problem like lactose intolerance, consuming lactose-free milk products will help you.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy

The amount of weight taken during pregnancy stages is unstable. 25 pounds or more of weight can be taken. It is difficult to determine the ideal number for weight gain during pregnancy stages. Your weight before you get pregnant determines the ideal weight gain.

Most experts recommend taking 300 grams per week up to the 20th week and 450 grams between the 20th and 40th weeks.

Some of them believe that weight gain should be varied for thin, normal weight and overweight women. Accordingly, the weight gains should  be 14-20 for thin women, 12-17 for normal weight and 7-12 weight for overweight.

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