9 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development and Body Changes

This week you and your baby will experience many changes. You should prepare for your first visit to a health care facility for regulating your nutrition, sleep, and sports activities in the 9th week of your pregnancy. In this article, we give information about the development of the baby in the womb and the physical and emotional changes awaiting 9 weeks pregnant mothers.


Body Changes at 9 Weeks Pregnant

Women who are 9 weeks pregnant may not have any physical changes in their bodies yet. After this week, however, you will begin to notice changes in your body.


Even if there is no swelling in the abdomen, arched clothes may start to bother you. Nausea attacks may occur frequently. Your breasts start to grow. Because, in the early stages of pregnancy, canals and glands begin to develop. With this, blue small veins may become visible on your breasts. The uterus expands two fold and becomes prominent below the umbilical region. Along with the growth of the uterus, cramping and pain in the lower abdomen may occur. If you notice vaginal bleeding with pain, you should contact your doctor immediately.

The gas problem is normal during pregnancy stages. Some pregnant women may experience changes in taste and smell sensations. You may start to be disgusted your favorite foods. Hormones like progesterone help your body expand along with your baby’s development. However, hormones may slow down food flow throughout the digestive tract. Therefore, pregnant women may experience stomach burning.

9 weeks pregnant
9 weeks pregnant


It is normal for the body to carry 5 liters of blood. However, the blood in your body increases to seven or eight liters to support the growing baby. Most of the increased blood is liquid plasma. Red blood cells usually go up in the second trimester of pregnancy. The metabolism rate increases by 25% and therefore, your heart sends about 40% extra blood to your body. The blood circulation increases in the breasts, uterus and kidneys until the birth. You may also feel dizziness as the blood volume increases.


At the 9th week of your pregnancy your veins in your hands and feet may swell. Your nipple becomes larger and turns into a darker color. The body is more likely to retain water so weight gain can be seen. Your hair can turn into a more oily and fine wire structure. Back pain and headache is common at 9 weeks pregnant. In addition, gum bleeding and the possibility of nosebleeds increases. You may experience other signs of pregnancy, such as excessive water loss, swelling, and numbness.


Changes in Baby at 9 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is 2.3 cm, ie a grape size. The weight is at least 2 grams. During the 9th week of pregnancy, the body parts of your baby develop and the change continues rapidly. Your growing baby now ends the embryo stage and enters the fetal phase. This means that the embryo is now a fetus. Your baby’s basic body parts are being prepared for the critical development process that takes place in the coming months.


The baby’s eyelids fully cover his/her eyes and open to week 26. The ears are small and visible. The nose, nostrils and mouth become more prominent. His mouth appears in a straight line and his tongue begins to form. Hands and toes can be seen, hands and ankles begin to develop. The neck area becomes more pronounced. The digestive system and diaphragm begin to develop.

During the 9th week of pregnancy, your baby’s skeleton begins to stabilize. Breast ends and hair follicles begin to form slowly. The baby’s pancreas, gall bladder, biliary tract and anus begins to form. His/her reproductive organs develop internally. The development of basic body parts of the baby is completed in this stages of pregnancy.

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