Are You Ready For Your Second Pregnancy - Are You Ready For Your Second Pregnancy?

Are You Ready For Your Second Pregnancy?

Most families have difficulty deciding for the second pregnancy. There are many reasons for this. But we have recommendations for you to make this decision.


Selection of appropriate time

  • If your older child still wakes up several times a night, you will have difficulty when your baby is born.
  • If you have twins or triplets or if your child is sick, do not rush for a second pregnancy.
  • Your wife’s decisions are important. If she is not ready, don’t insist.
  • Do you have a good relationship with your partner? Many couples are trying to save the marriage by making a second baby. But the situation is just the opposite. A baby crying all night does not help you solve your problems. It even accelerates your divorce process.
  • Do you have sufficient finance for the second pregnancy stages? This will affect your psychology negatively if you are going to put yourself through a downturn.
  • Prepare your older child for the new baby.

You can learn about pregnancy stages and get week by week pregnancy information in our website.

Preparing the older child to your second pregnancy

Clear your child’s curiosity about babies. Take him/her to one of your routine appointments. Make him/her listen to your baby’s heartbeat. His/her involvement in the pregnancy stages will increase his/her excitement about the baby.

Tell your child the future of playing with his/her sibling and becoming friends.

Explain what happens when you go into delivery. He/she may fear something to happen to you.

Don’t wait for the first encounter to be perfect. It’s normal for him/her to be jealous of the baby.

Be sure to create a time alone with him/her at least 5 minutes. He /she needs to know you’re still his/her mother.

It can be difficult to look at two children in the first months. So, ask for help from family members.

Allow your child to help care for the baby. For example he/she can cover the baby’s blanket.

It may be a sign that trying to bite the baby or make speeches that deny the existence of the baby. You may need professional help.

When taking pictures of your second baby, include your first child in the frame.

Do not expect the sibling love to occur overnight. It could take years to build a strong bond.

Are You Ready For Your Second Pregnancy 1 - Are You Ready For Your Second Pregnancy?
Are You Ready For Your Second Pregnancy

What are the things that await you in your second pregnancy?

While you’re taking care of the older child, you may not have the opportunity to experience the excitement of second pregnancy.

You may be afraid you can’t love your second baby as much as the first one, or worry about disrupting the first child’s comfort. In a short time you will find that these concerns are unnecessary.

Since there is another child at home, you will have a more tired pregnancy stages than the first time.

Because your uterus is more flexible, you will quickly be aware that you are pregnant. You may have to take the maternity dress before the end of the first three months.

All pregnancies are different. Try not to compare the first one with the second one.

Your uterus contractions will be more painful after the second birth.