Are You Ready To Be A Mother - Are You Ready To Be A Mother?

Are You Ready To Be A Mother?

The basic condition for a healthy pregnancy is pre-planning the pregnancy stages. This requires both men and women to be both spiritually and physically prepared. The results of unplanned pregnancies are worse than planned ones. Especially in cases where the woman is not ready for pregnancy, problems occur during pregnancy stages, delivery and even postnatal baby care.

Concerns About Pregnancy Stages

It is quite normal to have concerns about pregnancy stages and after pregnancy. First of all, responsibility of having a child should be considered. Working people and those who care about their jobs may think that sometimes the child will be an obstacle to their careers.

Any woman who attaches importance to her external appearance can have concerns about the deformations which will occur in their body during pregnancy stages. Such concerns are quite natural. However, being ready for pregnancy means accepting the sacrifices for the baby.

Naturally, it is not enough for only  the mother to be ready for pregnancy. The father must also be aware of this situation. It should not be forgotten that motherhood and paternity are a role that must be played correctly throughout life and there is no return of this.

In addition to the psychological and physical preparation of pregnancy, it is necessary to be ready for socioeconomic situations. The care of the child, his/her pre-school and school stages should also be considered. Today, although the development of technology is very positive, it stands out as a factor that increasing the needs in terms of consumption economy. And the money spent on the development and education of children is the most important factor in the family budget.

Assuming that all of the conditions listed above are fulfilled, as a next step the pre-pregnancy health check of the mother should be done. It is recommended that the mother should be examined by gynecologist and obstetrician at least 6 months before the pregnancy.

Are You Ready To Be A Mother 1 - Are You Ready To Be A Mother?
Are You Ready To Be A Mother

Diseases that the mother and father candidate may be carriers of are investigated. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, it is evaluated whether the mother has a ideal height and weight. For a healthy pregnancy, preparation plays the most important role. In this situation, men and women need to act together as they should be in every period of their lives.