audio therapy during pregnancy

Listening for Relaxation The Benefits of Audio Therapy During Pregnancy and Childbirth

Relaxation has a considerable effect on your pregnancy. In this article, we gave you detailed information about audio therapy during pregnancy.

A small amount of stress is good for us. It keeps us attentive, letting us know that we are functioning on an acceptable level. However, when you’re pregnant, stress is not good for the mother – or the baby.

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Stress Can Affect Baby

According to the Fetal and Neonatal Stress Research Group, maternal stress or anxiety during pregnancy can affect the development of the fetus. Based on research from the FNSRG, the effects of maternal stress can be measured by what is referred to as the “stress” hormone: cortisol.

“The group has demonstrated, through measuring the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the umbilical cord, that enough of the maternal stress hormone cortisol crosses the placenta to affect the development of the fetus,” says Kathy P., the London, an England-based research expert “Stress experienced by the fetus can have long-term effects on the baby. For example, the study shows that maternal antenatal anxiety doubles the risk for hyperactivity in boys. We have also shown, using Doppler ultrasound, that the most anxious mothers have impaired blood flow through the uterine arteries. This could help to explain why mothers who are very anxious while pregnant tend to have smaller babies.”

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Relaxation Techniques

According to Nancy Hopps, author of the audio guide Relaxation for Expectant Mothers, anticipation as well as actual events can trigger stress reactions. Instead of letting undirected worry increase stress, pregnant women and new mothers should partake in some type of relaxation technique to reduce the effects of stress.

Two of the most common forms of auditory relaxation are “guided” and “natural.” Guided relaxation occurs when music and/or sounds are played while a calm, soothing voice guides you to relaxation with his or her words. Natural relaxation includes sounds such as a waterfall, whale, dolphin, rain, birds or wind. These sounds are a soothing way to drown out external stimuli, allowing you to relax.

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Benefits of Relaxation During Pregnancy

Hopps’ Relaxation for Expectant Mothers is a guided relaxation and imagery process that helps develop a sense of security before the delivery as well as in your new role as a mother. ( audio therapy during pregnancy )

“In a relaxed state, the experience of pain is reduced by the body’s production of endorphins – nature’s own pain relievers,” says Hopps. “The music specifically composed to induce relaxation is fused with the sound of gentle waves to create a peaceful background. Using relaxation will help establish a sense of security that will be carried during and after the delivery. Learning to relax and be sensitive to the signals from the body will greatly benefit Mom and Child during the delivery process. It is recommended that Mom listen to her chosen relaxation daily, if possible, remembering that it will be an enjoyable and effective use of time.”

Hopps says that listening for relaxation helps to:

  • Prepare for delivery
  • Increase your sense of security
  • Listen to your body and your child
  • Have a sense of faith in yourself
  • Relax and release tensions
  • Audio therapy during pregnancy

In addition to the psychological, emotional and mental advantages of listening for relaxation, Dianna M., an expert at a birth center in Los Angeles, Calif., says there are many medical and physical benefits to listening for relaxation.

“One of the most beneficial results of listening for relaxation is stable, normal fetal development,” says Dianna. “In addition, the process of relaxation is also responsible for a decreased incidence of complications with Mom and Baby during pregnancy and childbirth. When a woman is relaxed and experiences less stress, there is a decreased risk of use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy. Women who are relaxed aren’t trying to deal with their stress using external means.”

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Benefits of Relaxation During Childbirth

The benefits of relaxation techniques carry over from the pregnancy into childbirth. According to Dianna, a woman who practices relaxation techniques during pregnancy can use these same techniques during delivery to aid her own – and the baby’s – comfort in many ways.

“Relaxation techniques are beneficial before, during and after delivery for both Mother and Baby,” says Dianna. “The techniques learned can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy and delivery, as well as reduce the duration of labor during second stage because the mother will be able to push better with the contractions.”

Listening for relaxation during pregnancy and childbirth is an effective reminder that life is to be enjoyed as a process, not pushed aside while striving for an end result, says Hopps.

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