Do Baby Kicks Hurt?

During pregnancy stages, baby kicks sometimes can hurt you. This usually depends on the strength of the baby’s movements and several reasons.


Do these kicks hurt mother?

This varies from person to person. Although not all kicks are painfull, there may be some baby kicks that hurt the mother. This depends entirely on the power of the movement and several additional factors to be taken into account.


Baby movements starting from week 22

Women usually begin to feel the movement of the fetus after 22 weeks of pregnancy. During this period of pregnancy, mothers feel only a slight friction or weak contact.

This is so because the fetus is still very small.

After a month and a half, women continue to feel the mild kicks that don’t hurt very much. Then, the strength and frequency of the baby’s kicks increases.

In general, the mother feels the baby bump into the walls of the uterus while changing position.

As the baby continues to develop, the area of ​​movement of the baby is restricted, which can lead to changes in the severity of the baby kicks.


The baby kicks can hurt after the 28th week

During the 28th week, when the uterus reaches its limits, the baby still continues to grow. So, it is the time when the small movements started to hurt. If you want to know more about the 28th week of pregnancy; 28th Week of Pregnancy.

Since the baby is more in contact with the walls of the uterus, the kicks can hurt the mother. In addition, the physical strength of the baby is now further developed.

Your baby may feel uncomfortable and more active. That’s why he/she can sometimes hurt the mother. The effects of baby kicks can be felt around the mother’s ribs and other organs.

Some baby kicks can cause breathing difficulty, or even a sleeping pregnant woman to wake up.


Baby kicking at night

Babies are known to be more active at night. Physical activity is increasing between evening and night. This is also a result of food intake.

Night time is ideal for counting baby’s movements. Many gynecologists recommend this activity to determine the health status of the baby.

The purpose of counting movements is to understand how often they are. In this way, the mother can prepare herself for the effects that will occur.


Conditions which the baby kicks cause more pain


Each pregnancy has unique characteristics, and in this context, it is very normal not to feel the same feeling in every kick.

For example, in the first pregnancy the mother may feel these kicks more sensitive. This can happen because they are unprepared for kicking. Also look at the article for more detailed information ; First Time Pregnancy: Important Symptoms.

In addition, if you are pregnant with twins or triplets, kicks can be more painful. The narrow space can be uncomfortable for your babies. If you are pregnnat with twins you should also read: Considerations While Waiting for Twin Baby.

In such cases, baby kicks occur more often and the mother may suffer a lot of uncomfortable pains.


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