The Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

The Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

As the pregnancy progresses, some changes occur in the body structure and posture of the expectant mother. In order to reduce the pains of mothers during this period and ensure a comfortable pregnancy and birth, gynecologists say that light paced walks should be included in the daily routine. What about pilates in pregnancy? If your doctor does not see any drawbacks, you can feel more fit with pregnancy pilates.

Pilates, which is a popular sport, is also quite common among mothers. Pilates provides a more comfortable pregnancy stages and birth, and it is an effective way to recover easily after childbirth.

Pilates is among the exercises that help birth because of its benefits to the body. By accurate breathing, concentration, relaxation, strengthening the arms, legs and pelvic muscles, pilates provides easier preparation period for birth.

Strengthen Body Resistance During Pregnancy Stages

When you do pilates during pregnancy stages, the groin area, abdomen, arms and legs become stronger. Thus, it helps to facilitate normal birth. Pilates exercises have principles such as concentration, breath control, force, movement flow and relaxation. So, every part of the body is in harmony.

Breathing is important in pilates

The positions where the breath is taken and given should be carefully monitored in every movement. The back, spine, waist, tail, and pelvic region become resistant due to the increasing strength of the abdomen, waist and hip regions. The body, which becomes more controllable, becomes more ready for delivery and recovers even more easily after birth.

Problems such as indigestion and gas, which are caused by digestive problems during pregnancy stages, can be mitigated by the correct exercise methods.

Provides relief for edema in legs, ankles, hands and arms.


The Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates2 - The Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates
The Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

Low back pain and pain that limits movement in the waist area can be minimized by pilates exercises.

Balls are used during pregnancy pilates to increase the balance. With the use of these balls of different sizes, different regions are exercised by not harming the pregnancy.

Pilates is an excellent exercise system that prepares and strengthens the expectant mother from the first months of her pregnancy until the last months. It also helps her to return to the old form again after the birth. However, during pregnancy stages, pilates must be done by a doctor’s consent and accompanied by an expert.