Benefits of Talking to Your Baby During Pregnancy - Benefits of Talking to Your Baby During Pregnancy

Benefits of Talking to Your Baby During Pregnancy

It is really useful to talk to your baby when you are pregnant. Talking to your baby is one of the first actions to initiate a special and important relationship between mother and baby. Below, we have listed the reasons why you should talk to your baby during pregnancy.

Could it be a better way to show your love to your baby than the loving dialogues you build with him/her?


Get rid of concerns

The thought of talking to your baby during pregnancy brings a lot of questions for women who will become mother for the first time. This is entirely based on the thought that speaking with your baby may have negative effects. These negative effects are that the child may be very active and restless in the future. But you can be sure that, this thought is not real, and it is necessary to approach the subject with another logic.

Prenatal stimulations provide an infinite number of benefits  talk with your baby especially during your pregnancy! This not only strengthens the bond between you and your child, it also helps your little baby to know your voice. Continue reading this article to learn the other benefits of talking to your unborn baby.


Why is it necessary to talk to your baby during pregnancy?

Your baby’s ears and hearing are beginning to develop in the first months of pregnancy.

Any loving action that you do as part of the prenatal stimulation certainly produces positive results. Below, we have listed important points about the necessity of talking to your baby during pregnancy.

Benefits of Talking to Your Baby During Pregnancy
Benefits of Talking to Your Baby During Pregnancy

It benefits the baby’s brain development

Talking to your little baby develops and strengthens your child’s nervous system and neural network in the brain.


Strengthens the relationship between mother and child

Your baby learns and recognizes your tone of voice.


Contributes to your baby’s hearing

Frequent conversations with your baby during pregnancy will provide significant benefits for the development of hearing.


Helps reduce restlessness of your baby

When you notice that your baby is restless, only a few words he/she will hear from you will be enough to calm him/her.


Research shows that it affects baby’s language development!

An important research from Stanford University has shown that speaking with your unborn baby encourages language development. The study shows that babies, who were stimulated by the sound of their mother during pregnancy, started talking before the other babies.

Your unborn baby has the ability to distinguish and define voices, happiness, pain, anger and sorrow.


The ways of communicating with your baby during your pregnancy are not limited to speaking. There are many ways your child can feel your thoughts and feelings:

  • You or another close family member can massage your stomach.
  • Other family members can talk to your baby also.
  • When you feel stressed or anxious, you can breathe in a controlled way to calm yourself.
  • Calm and relaxing music is another way to communicate with your baby.

Anything that you transmit to your baby through your body may have positive or negative effects.

Finally, don’t forget to talk to your baby when you in a calm and comfortable status during your pregnancy.


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