Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most special moments in a woman’s life. But for women who are first time mothers, anxiety increases in time. One of the most common concerns is related to the best sleeping positions during pregnancy.

As the baby grows in the womb, the mother’s sleep hours are reduced. So, we prepared the best sleeping positions in pregnancy for you to sleep without harming the baby.


5 Recommended Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

  1. Sleeping on the left side

Doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on the left side. This is because this position helps the mother’s blood circulation. At the same time, it helps the nutrients to reach the uterus and the baby more easily.


  1. Sleeping on your side with a pillow

If you take a pillow between your legs and sleep on your side, your spine will stay flat and you will prevent your legs from pressing together. It is even more convenient if you can use a long pillow. So, you can support your belly and sleep more comfy.

Recommended Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy - Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy
Recommended Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy


  1. Half-sitting position

This position is more appropriate if you are experiencing stomach problems or have difficulty in digestion. You should put a comfortable pillow on your back. So you can have a healthier pregnancy with a more comfortable sleep position.


  1. Keep your body up

One of the most beautiful sleeping positions is to keep the body up. This position will be ideal if you are experiencing nasal congestion or stomach trouble. It will help you breathe more comfortably. You can use a few pillows to support your back and keep it above.


  1. Keep your feet up

If you often complain of problems such as cramps or swelling in your legs, keeping your feet above you will be comfortable for you to sleep. This way you can prevent varicose veins, drowsiness and cramps. If you want to get more information about foot swelling during pregnancy; Foot Swelling Problem and Solution in Pregnancy.

Not Recommended Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

There are also sleeping positions that should be avoided during this period, as there are the sleeping positions that are appropriate for baby and maternal health. These positions are;


  1. Sleeping on your back

This position may cause breathing difficulties, back pain and hemorrhoids. Worse still, it can reduce the circulation in the baby’s heart. So, it is not recommended. If you want to know more about back pain during pregnancy; Back Pain During Pregnancy.


  1. Sleeping on your stomach

In the first months of your pregnancy sleeping on your front does not pose a danger. However, this position may harm you later on.

Many pregnant women want to sleep in this position during pregnancy, but it will not be recommended depending on the stage of your pregnancy.

Not Recommended Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy - Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy
Not Recommended Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy


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