Car Travel During Pregnancy

A significant number of people travel every day either with their own vehicles, with their friends’ cars or by taxi. Since pregnancy does not require serious changes in normal life, it is quite natural for pregnant women to get into a car like everyone else. There is no requirement to restrict car travel during pregnancy. The point to pay attention about this issue is to provide your own comfort while travelling.


Especially on long trips, It is often necessary to take frequent breaks in order to avoid problems such as toilet and long periods sitting.

There is no harm in driving a car in the first periods. However, driving in the last month of your pregnancy can endanger the baby. The reason for this is the high probability that the steering wheel will hit your abdomen because of your big belly. Therefore, it is better for someone else to use the car in the last few weeks.


Safety Belt During Pregnancy

No matter which vehicle you are driving, you should always use a seat belt. When attaching the seat belt, you should make sure that it passes under your stomach and not at the top of your abdomen. It should be at the level of your buttocks.

This is extremely important. The hipbone is one of the most powerful bones in our body.

This is much safer if the seat belt is three-point, ie if there is a shoulder section. When the shoulder part of the belt is attached, it should be between the chest.

If the belt can setted upward and downward, you should be adjusted it for yourself. It may be dangerous if the belt is at your neck level.

Your bones, muscles, organs and amniotic fluid in which the baby floats protect the baby against many external factors. Therefore, protecting yourself also means protecting your baby. So, you must wear your seat belt.


Are airbags harmful to pregnant women?

They are as safe as never before in pregnancy, as long as you are approximately 25 centimeters away from the airbag.

Get a safe and comfortable seat position by adjusting your seat forward, backward or upward.

If you are going to use the car by yourself and adjust the steering of your vehicle, set it to the longest distance possible from your belly.




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