Causes of Forgetfulness In Pregnancy - Causes of Forgetfulness in Pregnancy

Causes of Forgetfulness in Pregnancy

With pregnancy, some changes occur in the body. These changes can cause some temporary problems specific to pregnancy. One of these problems is the issue of forgetfulness in pregnancy. Do not worry that your memory is weakened when you are pregnant and the problem of forgetfulness arises. Temporary forgetfulness in pregnancy does not continue after birth. The reason for this problem in the early days is that your body tries to get used to hormonal changes. In other words, forgetfulness can be seen in your body when dealing with a new condition like pregnancy. Stress during pregnancy also increases forgetfulness. If you want to learn more about stress caused by pregnancy; Stress Before Pregnancy: Causes and Solutions.


What are the causes of forgetfulness during pregnancy and is it temporary?

The problem of forgetfulness in pregnancy is caused by hormonal changes in this period and is a temporary condition.


What to do against forgetfulness during pregnancy?

Some plans should be made to help you remember things that are important for you. You can prepare;

-Reminder notes

-To Do Lists

– Precautions such as choosing a fixed place for things that are constantly used, such as a key, and note it.


It is important not to engage your mind with insignificant situations. Mothers need to perceive these forgetfulness in pregnancy as a normal condition of pregnancy. Minimizing stress in daily life will also affect the memory positively.

Causes of Forgetfulness in Pregnancy - Causes of Forgetfulness in Pregnancy
Causes of Forgetfulness in Pregnancy

Can forgetfulness in pregnancy be a harbinger of other problems?

Forgetfulness during pregnancy may be a sign of depression. But in this case, some symptoms of depression should be considered. In other words, a decrease in interest, not being able to enjoy something, and a lack of concentration can be seen together. If you don’t have depression, you should not feel bad because of forgetting something. Avoiding stress and anxiety will make life easier for you. For more information about depression caused by pregnancy; What is Postpartum Depression.


In the last weeks, the mother may experience sleeping problems due to the effects of the weight gain or the upcoming birth. Failure to get enough sleep can be one of the most important causes of forgetfulness in the last weeks of pregnancy. Against this problem, it would be beneficial for the mother to overcome sleep deprivation during the day time.