Causes and Symptoms of Groin Pain in Pregnancy2

Causes and Symptoms of Groin Pain in Pregnancy

Groin pain during pregnancy stages is quite normal. The causes of abdominal and groin pain during pregnancy are the same. The body is keeping up with a period of change for the baby to grow comfortably. You’re experiencing pain with increased blood flow and womb growth. Of course, these are the most common causes of pain. Before addressing the causes of the pain in detail, let’s talk about the periods which the pain occurred during pregnancy.

When is the pubic pain occurs in pregnancy?

You usually experience groin pain in the first weeks of pregnancy, not the first days of pregnancy. You may experience pain when you are newly pregnant or you may experience pain during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Can there be groin pain in the first trimester?

You may experience mild pain during the first 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. Your ovum is placed in the uterus or your uterus is growing. So these are the first growth pains. Also, you may experience waist and back pain in pregnancy. It is also quite normal too.

Is it normal to experience groin pain in the late stages of pregnancy?

You can have false birth pains when you’re at the last trimester of your pregnancy stages. If it goes on a regular basis and does not pass, you can contact your doctor.

What are the groin and abdominal pains that can be a danger in pregnancy?

Continuous discomfort and bleeding pain is not as innocent as the others. Below, we list the dangerous situations that cause groin and abdominal pain during pregnancy stages. If you have one of these, you should definitely see a doctor.


Groin Pain in Pregnancy - Causes and Symptoms of Groin Pain in Pregnancy
Groin Pain in Pregnancy

1- External pregnancy

Pregnancy sac can place outside the inner tissue of the uterus. If this situation is not noticed, it continues to grow in 6-10 weeks. If it cracks and starts bleeding, you can experience groin and abdominal pain.


2- Early separation of placenta and bleeding

It is experienced in late pregnancy weeks. If you take a blow in your abdomen or you experience hypertension, the placenta of your baby is leave its place. You experience severe pain in the stomach area and it does not pass.


3- Miscarriage

If you experience a groin pain and bleeding that does not pass during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy stages, you may experience a miscarriage, see a doctor immediately.

Causes and Symptoms of Groin Pain in Pregnancy - Causes and Symptoms of Groin Pain in Pregnancy
Causes and Symptoms of Groin Pain in Pregnancy


4- Urinary tract infection

It is the most common infection in pregnancy. If you feel burning and experience pain when you go to the toilet or if you urinate frequently, there may be an infection. You may also experience chills, shaking, fever. Visit your doctor before the infection reaches the kidneys.


5- Preeclampsia

It is the high blood pressure in pregnancy stages. Headaches and vision problems may be experienced.


In conclusion, if you experience ;

  • Severe and stubborn pain,
  • Hypertension,
  • Fever,
  • Spotting or bleeding,
  • Shaking,
  • Problems during urination,
  • Light discomfort, light flashes in front of the eye,
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, you should see a doctor.


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