Cautions During Pregnancy Stages

Cautions During Pregnancy Stages

Proper nutrition in pregnancy stages

Nutrition is very important during pregnancy. Women may take one kilogram in the first three months of pregnancy, a total of six kilos in six months and up to five kilos in the last three months. Pregnant women should consume five portions of vegetable, fruit, meat and dairy products daily. The mother should not smoke, stay away from coffee and alcoholic beverages.

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Don’t sleep on your back

Since it will cause nausea and faintness to sleep on your back, we can say that the most appropriate sleeping position is to lie on your side to protect the baby.

Cautions During Pregnancy - Cautions During Pregnancy Stages
Cautions During Pregnancy


Rules that need attention during your pregnancy

-Sweat glands work more than normal during pregnancy stages. Try to take a shower every day instead of using a deodorant constantly.

-Be careful not to stay in the bathroom for more than 15 minutes and not to get too hot showers.

-Stay away from all chemicals you regularly use during your pregnancy stages. Prefer natural soaps instead of shampoo and shower gel.

-After taking bath moisturize your body with organic oils.

-Massage your breasts with oil after the shower so your breasts do not hurt as they get swollen. Cold compresses during the day will be good for them.

-Use your perfume on your clothes, not on your skin.

-Make-up doesn’t hurt the baby. Nevertheless, make sure that all the materials that will touch your skin during pregnancy stages are natural.

-The substances that affect the tooth enamel of pregnant women cause tooth decay in this period. Make an appointment for a general examination in a short time from your dentist.

-Going to the dental examination regularly prevents infections in your body and this will affect your baby’s health.

-Occasionally, rinsing your teeth with an antiseptic prevents germs from nesting in your teeth.


Drug Use During Pregnancy

One of the issues that should be considered during pregnancy stages is drugs. Because the medications taken in this period will not only affect the mother but also the baby. For this reason, you should not use any medication, including pain killers, without consulting your doctor during pregnancy stages. You should also strictly follow the use of medication given by your doctor. Some drugs may be more important than you might think.

Our articles are prepared to give advice. You should consult your doctor for exact information.