Celebrating your pregnancy

Celebrating Your Pregnancy 6 Great Ways to Prepare Before Baby Arrives

Celebrating your pregnancy is one of the things you should do before the baby arrives. This way you can feel ready for the labor.

You’ve been taking all your vitamins, watching your diet and are altogether prepared for your baby’s big entrance, right? Well, maybe. The motto “always be prepared” also applies to parents, and here are just a few fun items you may not have on your detailed checklist:

  1. Plan a Vacation

“I tell all my pregnant friends to take a trip somewhere exotic,” says Antoinette Adams. “When I was 5 months pregnant, my husband and I went to Hawaii. We’d never been before and even though I was 5 months along and didn’t look good in a swimsuit – we had a blast. We hiked to the top of Diamondhead, watched polo on the beach, went to a luau and toured the palace and botanical gardens.”

Ten years later, the Bloomington, Minn., mom admits they’ve not returned to their tropical paradise. “Instead, our vacations are spent going to Disneyland or Disneyworld, or some kid-oriented trip,” she says. “While I wouldn’t trade those trips with my daughter for anything, the getaway to Hawaii with my husband is something I’ll never forget, because we won’t get back there until my daughter is off to college (and even then, we’ll probably be too poor because we’ll be paying for her tuition).”

So take this time, what little may be left of it, and enjoy a vacation for two – it will be a romantic excursion you’ll always treasure.

  1. Books and Movie

“One of the best pieces of advice I received was to subscribe to a bunch of magazines about four to six weeks ahead of my due date,” says Juanita Hawkins. “It gave me plenty to read and look forward to during my stay-at-home months with my baby.”

Hawkins subscribed to four magazines: two parenting and two general interest. It provided good advice, a much-needed connection to the outside world and a pleasant way to relax. “They started hitting my mailbox about two weeks after I delivered my son,” she says. “It was great to have something besides bills coming in the mail, and I actually had time while the baby slept to catch up on the world. It was a nice treat for me, particularly at a time when I counted it a victory to be out of my pajamas!”

Hawkins also recently subscribed to an online movie rental company, which allows her to rent DVDs over the Internet from her San Diego home and keep a revolving library of up to three movies at a time that she can exchange when she wants – with no late fees. “I can actually catch up on all the movies I miss, and because they don’t have a tight deadline for returning them, I can do it on my own time,” she says. (Celebrating Your Pregnancy)

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  1. Get Your House and Wardrobe in Order

While labor can come on suddenly and catch you off guard, don’t be surprised if guests unexpectedly drop by to admire your new bundle of joy after you return from the hospital. To ward off the panic about a less-than-pristine home, Catherine Sandoval, a mom in Worcester, Mass., suggests paying someone to clean your entire abode before labor pains hit. That way “you won’t stress about it being clean for visitors after you come home,” she says.

Sandoval also suggests organizing your clothes by size so that you won’t have to frantically dig through your wardrobe finding something to fit as you drop the baby weight.

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  1. Stock Up

Going grocery shopping and preparing and freezing meals ahead of time may be the last thing you think about, but Olga Reeves says she wishes she’d accomplished both these tasks before giving birth.

“When I got home, I was suddenly on a whole new schedule – not sleeping, up every few hours,” she says. “My time was totally preoccupied, and I was not able to take the baby out just yet because he was still too new. I suddenly realized I did not have butter, did not have eggs – having a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry would surely have made things a bit easier for me.”

Without basic kitchen essentials, Reeves found herself unable to prepare even the simplest of meals for her family. Once the provisions were present, the New Yorker found herself lacking the time to play chef. “Let’s face it, it takes time to cook food,” Reeves says. “It would have been so much easier to have food already prepared and to just nuke them in the microwave for two minutes.” (Celebrating Your Pregnancy)

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  1. Show-and-Tell

Some of the best advice Shelia Payne received before her big day was of a more personal nature. “Shave your legs and get a pedicure,” she says. “While your new little bundle won’t be impressed, you’ll be able to bravely face the scads of people that tend to wander in to take a peek!”

The San Antonio native considers herself lucky that a friend passed on the secret before she faced her delivery date. Many moms claim that even the slightest pampering helped them feel more attractive and put together on a day that otherwise has them baring it all.

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  1. Capture the Moment

For Melba Wright, of Boca Raton, Fla., instead of eschewing her image during pregnancy, she found it very important to document the process on video. “My husband and I made a point of videotaping ourselves throughout the pregnancy,” Wright says. “We’d show off my belly for the camera and discuss what we thought life was going to be like after the baby. It’s one of our most valued home videos ever because it documents our turning into parents for the very first time.”

“I watch the video now and I’m touched by how innocent we were, how beautiful I looked, full belly and all,” she says. “I am so grateful we have saved that memory for ourselves and our daughter to see when she’s old enough.”

Wright says all the process required was five minutes of video at a time throughout her pregnancy, chronicling her burgeoning belly, her thoughts on being a mom and her feelings about being pregnant. “You’ll appreciate being able to see what you really looked like pregnant and will chuckle at how you thought you’d be able to handle things,” she says.

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