Chances of Getting Pregnant

The frequency of sexual intercourse to get pregnant is an important factor. One of the points that, women who want to get pregnant should pay attention to is timing. So, it is recommended to have multiple sexual intercourse in the ovulation period to get pregnant. A woman may increase her chances of getting pregnant by having intercourse at the ovulation day and 1 day or 2 day before. Although it is not possible to determine the time in which the ovulation period will take place, it is stated that this situation depends on the mother’s menstruation layout.


Frequency of sexual intercourse to get pregnant

While the frequency of sexual intercourse is important in order to have a high chance of getting pregnant, it is stated that some points should be taken into consideration in order to realize the pregnancy. Experts recommend that mothers who want to get pregnant should follow their menstruation cycle for several months. It is important to follow the period of ovulation in this period. Experts state that there is no need to do too much confusing calculations for the women, sexual intercourse twice a week will be enough to get pregnant.

Symptoms of ovulation period

  • Sensitivity in breasts,
  • Slight discomfort in the abdomen,
  • An aqueous and increased vaginal discharge similar to egg white,
  • Increased body temperature (fever)


Age Reduces Fertility

Experts generally state that with the advancement of age, fertility can be reduced to a minimum level. They also note that the reason for this is not only old age, but also the decrease in the amount of eggs.


Are There a Sexual Position To Get Pregnant?

Experts stated that there is no special position to increase the chances of getting pregnant. It is underlined that the issue should be the intercourse within the appropriate time.

changes of getting pregnant
changes of getting pregnant, pregnancy stages

When to go to the doctor?

Despite the regular and unprotected sexual intercourse, if a couple can not have a baby for more than a year or if menstruation occurs irregularly, it is advisable to see a doctor.


Period of getting pregnant is different in every woman.

Every woman has a different chance of getting pregnant compared to another women. Factors influencing the realization of pregnancy include the general health status of the woman, her age, reproductive organ’s working time and the time of intercourse. Couples who are in the reproductive period have a 25% chance of getting pregnant in every sexual intercourse. Pregnancy rate in the first years of couples is around 75-85%. This means that in the case of no health problems, every couple can have baby.

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