Choosing a Baby Bottle

From the moment a mother gives birth to her child, her only wish is to breast-feed her baby. However, this may not be possible due to inadequate milk supply or due to the baby. The mother may have to feed the baby with a baby bottle. The most important thing for the mother who has to feed her baby with a baby bottle is of course a healthy baby bottle.

For mothers who want to choose a baby bottle for their baby, it is often difficult to choose between bottles of different prices and brands. But there are some criteria to choose healthy baby bottle.


How to know that a baby bottle is healthy and has high quality ?

There are different baby bottles in the market in terms of price and brand name. For mothers, the price and packaging of the product is the first selection criteria, but more important details can be omitted.

The use of BPA-containing PC (Polycarbonate)  raw materials is prohibited in the products used. For this reason, bottles should be made of BPA-free raw materials. In these products, you can easily separate PES (PolyEtherSulfone) with the color of honey yellow and PP (PolyPropylene) raw materials with white color and glass.

Choosing a Baby Bottle
Choosing a Baby Bottle, Pregnancy Stages

Why is the Anti-Colic Feature in Bottles Important?

One of the most common problems after babies are born is gas pains. Do you know that the choice of the wrong baby bottle leads to gas problems in babies?  As a result of the lack of air ducts at the head of the baby bottle, the baby’s food is interruped and continues feeding by taking the air from the mouth. At this point, feeding the babies by taking the air from the mouth can cause gas pains called colic in the stomach. In order to minimize gas pains in babys, you should ask whether the bottle you will buy is an anti-colic feature.


Is it Important that Baby Bottles are Ergonomic?

You have to choose the bottles with curves so you and your baby can easily grasp the baby bottle. The curves of the baby bottles support the development of the baby’s grip, and the fact that it has a base allows it to stand firm. In short, the bottle should have these ergonomic features. When choosing a baby bottle, make sure that the bottle is a wide mouth bottle.

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