Choosing clothes for baby - Choosing Clothes for Baby

Choosing Clothes for Baby

While it is very difficult to decide between many colors and variety when choosing a clothe for baby, attention should be paid to the details that are more important than the elegance and beauty of the dress. Because the clothes you choose for your baby is affecting his/her health. Therefore, you should be more attentive and sensitive when about this subject.


Here are step-by-step considerations when choosing a baby outfit

  1. It is important to know what kind of fabric is used because the baby’s clothes are in contact with their sensitive skin. Therefore, when buying clothes, read the label and check which materials are used.
  2. Choose 100% cotton fabrics. Clothes made from synthetic materials can irritate and damage your baby’s skin.
  3. Since the clothes of the babies are changed very often, clothes that are easy to wear should be preferred.
  4. Do not buy more clothes than you need because newborn babies grows very fast.
  5. You should buy suitable clothes for both your baby’s height and weight.
  6. Pay attention to the materials on the clothes as the babies take everything to their mouths.
  7. Thick fabrics prevent and disturb your baby’s movements. Their appearance can be beautiful, but for the comfort of your baby, you should put the fashion in the second plan.
  8. For easer use, the shoulders of the clothes should be adjustable, and their front should be zippered.
  9. Make sure that clothing such as a t-shirt or sweatshirt is flexible from the head. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to dress.
  10. The clothes which its stitches are thick and hard are uncomfortable for your baby. Rotate the dress and check the seams.
  11. After the first 6 months, after passing the solid food supplementation, their tops will be more soiled, and the stain free fabrics will make your life easier.
  12. Do not buy clothing such as very thick, woolen and feathered sweater / cardigan.
  13. When buying socks, make sure that the top tires are not too tight. In addition, the baby’s toes should be able to move freely.
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