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Beyond Braxton Hicks and Nausea Solutions for the Other Pregnancy Symptoms

Detailed information about the most common pregnancy symptoms. You can look at our article for everything you want to learn and wonder.

Morning sickness, Braxton Hicks, heartburn, indigestion, shortness of breath. What does that list have in common? To start with, everyone knows they’re very common side effects of pregnancy. A million words have been written about them, every woman’s doctor warns her about them and when you get them you know what you have and what you can, or can’t, do about them.

But what about the second string of pregnancy symptoms? We’re talking hip pain, skin tags, sore navels and a couple of things with fancy names that sound much more ominous than they are. Stella S., associate professor of nursing, says because these symptoms don’t always get the press that the more common symptoms do, some women worry needlessly. Here are some lesser-known pregnancy symptoms and what you can expect if you’re experiencing them.

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Hip Pain

According to Stella, this is a very common symptom of pregnancy, particularly in women older than 35, although doctors aren’t sure why. “We think that the progesterone causes it,” says Stella. “It’s the same effect that causes the pregnancy waddle. As the cartilage in your pelvic girdle stretches, you get a slightly unstable hip, and that can cause soreness, especially at night when you lie down. Stella suggests experimenting with sleeping with pillows between the legs or trying different mattresses.

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Palmar Erythema

This sounds scary, but all it means is bright red palms of the hands and feet. This is caused by the increase in both body temperature and blood volume in pregnancy.

Stella stresses that the important thing is to differentiate palmar erythema from other conditions that have pink palms as a symptom. If the pinkness develops in other places or is accompanied by a fever, contact your physician.

Belly Button Tenderness

Stella says she’s heard women describe it as feeling like someone has poked a finger into their belly button. It has to do with the uterus growing, and as it grows it pushes everything out of the way. The discomfort usually reaches its peak at the 20th week and then subsides. (common pregnancy symptoms)

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Though it is most commonly thought of as a repetitive movement injury, carpal tunnel syndrome is common in pregnancy, even with women who have no environmental or employment factors. Stella says symptoms can range from mild “pins and needles” sensations in the hands to severe cases where a woman has to wear a splint on both wrists and needs help caring for her new baby. However, that is rare, and the wrists usually recover as the rest of the body does.

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Pyogenic Granulomas

Pregnant women usually notice these when they’re brushing their teeth. Pyogenic granulomas are actually little growths on the gums. They’re normally small, but they can sometimes enlarge to 2 centimeters.

According to Stella, women are often reluctant to discuss this condition with their doctors because they don’t want to be perceived as having poor hygiene or eating a poor diet. However, this condition is a result of neither. Although they have been dubbed “the pregnancy tumor,” they are always benign. Very large ones may need to be removed but even then they’ll recur with the next pregnancy.

Sense of Smell

During pregnancy a woman’s sense of smell becomes increasingly sensitive. Stella has heard of women who have had a favorite cologne for years and can’t stand the smell while they’re pregnant. When she was pregnant herself, she recalls that the smell of coffee would make her faint.

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Skin tags

These are very common in pregnancy and usually occur in places where clothing rubs against the skin, such as the neck, inner thighs and front of the armpits. It is thought that this is due to the growth hormones that are secreted during pregnancy.

Skin tags can be removed but virtually always grow back. Stella does caution that moles also can grow and change during pregnancy, and it’s not a good idea to just write that off as typical. Any changes in a mole should be brought to your doctor’s attention. (common pregnancy symptoms)


Some women develop very severe itching that is not related to dry skin. And some of those women with severe itching will even scratch until the skin bleeds. Moisturizing is no help for cases such as this, but Stella says antihistamines can be used. Lotion with menthol or camphor in it also can bring relief. If itching is this serious, do consult with your doctor.

Carol Sephin of Las Vegas, Nev., had severe hip and leg pain throughout her pregnancy. Her take on the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy? You concentrate so much on them that you forget about the “fun” parts of being pregnant. Stella agrees, saying that virtually all these symptoms disappear when the baby is born, leaving you just with the good memories.

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