Considerations While Waiting for Twin Baby

Twin baby parents live in double happiness and double excitement. But in parallel with this happiness, their sense of responsibility doubles. Mothers who expecting twins should be careful to feed two babies, to put to sleep them, and give a healthy life to both. Of course you have time to think about these. You are going through a multiple pregnancy period and you need to focus on what should be done before the twin baby. We have mentioned in detail the situations you need to take care of.


Follow your pregnancy stages more frequently

In twin pregnancies, pregnancy stages should be followed more frequently than normal. Doctor controls may take place once in every 2 weeks and once a week in the final period of pregnancy. Because, in multiple pregnancies, nutrition and sleep patterns are more important. Also, in addition to the possibility of premature birth and miscarriage in multiple pregnancies, the risk of iron deficiency and anemia will be higher. So, you should be overcome this period under the supervision of the doctor.

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The Most Important Criteria is Resting

According to normal pregnancy stages, the expectant mother gets tired faster in multiple pregnancies. That’s why the mother needs to rest frequently. It’s important for mother to stay away from the stress and provide the order of sleep to gather the energy she needs. Mothers who often need bed rest should be extra sensitive to minimize the possibility of miscarriage. If the mother is working, she may stop working after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Again after this week, mothers are not recommended to exercise during pregnancy.

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Attention to Nutrition Principles!

During the pregnancy period of 9 months, twin babies’s mothers should be more sensitive about nutrition. Actually, this is simple. Comparing to mothers expecting one baby, the principles of nutrition of twin mothers are the same, but the amounts are different. For example, the daily protein requirement of a pregnant woman expecting one baby is 60 g / day but the amount is 90-120 grams in a twin pregnancy. It is a fact that iron, calcium, omega fatty acids and protein deficiencies are more common in such pregnancies. For this purpose, mothers of twin babies should take more care in consuming food that provides these substances.

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Sensitive Issue: Water Consumption

Water consumption during pregnancy is an issue that needs attention. Especially in multiple pregnancies this issue is worthy of gold. Inadequate water consumption can increase the possibility of premature birth. In the last three months of pregnancy stages, fluid consumption is even more important. Because, the rate of water in the placenta during this period is very serious. While the average consumption of two liters of water in the first months of pregnancy is sufficient, this amount may need to increase by 1 liter in recent months.


Sexual Restrictions May Start Early

Restrictions on sexual stimulation may start earlier than single pregnancies. We do not recommend sexual intercourse for the first 8 weeks and last 8 weeks for twin baby pregnants. However, in multiple pregnancies you should still act according to the doctor’s advice.

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