Dental Care For Babies and The Importance of Oral Health

Dental care for babies should begin at the 6 months of age according to many doctors. The reason for this is that as soon as babies begin to eat solid foods, bruises may form on their tiny teeth . Even sugar in milk can cause a damage. For this reason, the teeth of the babies should be cleaned 2 times a day from the moment they start to teething.

Although milk teeth are not permanent, it is very important for children’s oral health. Because health of the milk teeth is very effective on the health of the permanent teeth.

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How dental care for babies should be?

There is no need to use a toothbrush in dental care for babies. Milk teeth should be cleaned in the morning after the breakfast and before going to bed at night. Dental care should be performed at least on chewing surfaces. A clean and lightly moistened cloth should be used during this process. Dental care should be continued with a soft toothbrush when children are in the period to brush their teeth. Also check our article for more detailed information: Things to do in the Stages of Teething in Babies.


The importance of dental care and milk teeth in babies;

Milk teeth are compatible with teeth located in the bottom. We can explain why milk teeth are important;


  • The new teeth of the children, who lost their milk teeth early, may come out in any direction and may be skewed. In fact, in this period a new tooth under the milk teeth can remain buried. As a result of this situation, the adjacent teeth slide to the empty spot and serious problems may occur in closing the upper and lower teeth.


  • Teeth that remain irregularly or buried can affect the development of the jaw in the joint areas. Chin disorders occur and this can lead to serious problems in the future. It may even be the reason of speech disorder over time. That’s why you should be careful.


For the above reasons, it is very important to have dental care for babies from the moment the milk teeth come out. Teeth brushing education for babies should start from the age of 2 years. During this training and dental care, additive-free toothpastes which are produced specially for children should be used.

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