drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

When you learn that you will have a baby, it is inevitable to have some changes in your life. You will pay more attention to your health, limit your movements, and even your style of clothing will change in the future. Decisions about drinking alcohol during pregnancy also take a big place among the habits you change. Read the entire article for the causes, problems and effects of alcohol use during pregnancy.


How Does Alcohol Affect The Baby?

Almost every substance entering the mother’s body has an effect on the baby. Just like any other substance, alcohol also affects the baby. Because alcohol is a toxin, it quickly reaches the baby through blood or placenta. As soon as the alcohol reaches the baby, it immediately enters his bloodstream.


Effects Of Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy To The Baby

Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy
Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

After the birth;

  • Learning disability,
  • Speaking difficulties,
  • Distractibility,
  • Hyperactivity.



Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Mothers who need to drink more than 2 glasses a day are in the category of heavy drinking. Such drinking may cause the baby to be severely affected. The most severe stage of these effects is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). In the case of FAS, there can be facial and heart anomalies in the baby, as well as mental retardation.


How Much Alcohol Can Be Taken During Pregnancy?


There is no certain information about the safe amount of alcohol consumption for pregnant women. The alcohol content of each drink is different and the effect of that drinks can vary. As the rate of safe alcohol dose during pregnancy cannot be determined, it is best for the mother to remove the alcohol completely from her life.


Ways To Stop Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

Changing alcohol habits during pregnancy can sometimes be difficult. But anyone who wants to have a healthy pregnancy should take such a decision. If the mother can not control the alcohol use, she can get help from her doctor. Besides, drinking alcohol during pregnancy can be controlled with simple applications that every woman can do. Here are suggestions for the future mothers to control alcohol use in pregnancy;

1- Plan your life well. Make your plans weekly and do not leave free time.

2- Evaluate alternatives other than drinking alcohol in your stress and nervous moments. Light music, warm bath, exercise, beauty care may be good for you.

3- If you miss drinking, you can use non-alcoholic beer or little wine during dinner.

4- You should talk about your problem with your close relatives. The support of your spouse and your family and the fact that they do not drink alcohol near by you can comfort you.

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