exercise during pregnancy stages

Good Health from Day One Keeping Active Before, During and After Pregnancy

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Physical activity is believed to be one of the keys that unlocks the door to good health. Exercise and physical activity help you fit into a favorite pair of jeans, increase endurance and positively impact cardiovascular health. In addition to helping a woman maintain her health and appearance, exercise during pregnancy stages has long-lasting health effects for your entire family.

“With the current epidemic of obesity, there is an increasing need to stress a healthy lifestyle to children at an early age,” says Emanuel P., an expert in Prairieville, La.

Knowing that exercise or activity is essential isn’t always enough motivation for women to initiate increasing their level of activity or to maintain a level of exercise during pregnancy stages. Including your spouse, friends and loved ones in your fitness plan can be a powerful motivator that provides vital physical, emotional and mental health for all of you.

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Exercise Before Pregnancy

Health and fitness experts offer optimistic encouragement to women questioning whether it is safe to exercise when attempting to conceive. “If a woman has a regular exercise routine before becoming pregnant, many believe that as long as physical activity is discussed with a doctor, there is no reason she can’t continue to exercise throughout her pregnancy,” says Joey Mckinney, fitness services manager at a woman’s center for wellness.

Before beginning or altering your activity, it is important to understand how exercise affects a woman trying to conceive or who is expecting a baby. “Moderate exercise can help a women reduce her stress over conceiving,” says Mckinney. “Yoga, Pilates and meditation are terrific stress reducers for some, while running or walking clears the mind and stress for others.” Routine activity is also credited with increasing agility, flexibility and strengthening muscles needed to carry a child throughout pregnancy.

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Taking a couples yoga class or exploring a new hobby together gives you and your partner the chance to strengthen your bond while incorporating activity. With your camera tucked safely in a backpack, the two of you can go on a hike to spot birds, waterfowl or flowers. “Setting up an obstacle course in your yard, garage or basement or having hula hoop contests gives women hoping to conceive a second or third child the chance to enjoy fun activity with their children,” says Mckinney.

There are also several opportunities to stay active together while having fun and helping others. “When we were trying to get pregnant, my husband and I volunteered to work at a camp that benefits children fighting life-threatening illnesses,” says Suzanne Phillips of Aurora, Ill. “Playing ball and doing crafts outdoors with the kids was one of the best summers we shared together.”

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Exercise During Pregnancy

When you’re expecting, the urge to exercise is often overcome by the nausea and lack of energy experienced in the first trimester or the fatigue and discomfort of the third trimester. Despite low-impact exercise being advocated up through the waning weeks of pregnancy, a woman’s physical changes and decreasing energy level make staying active challenging for a mom-to-be.

Having a buddy to exercise with helps provide much needed motivation. The accountability factor that comes into play while having a workout pal gives you someone to socialize with while you exercise. Joining a family member or friend for a picnic in the park or walk around the mall to look at baby clothes helps to get an expectant mother out of the house and enjoying some type of activity. If you’re having an energetic weekend, splash with your family at an indoor swimming pool or walk around a museum. “Anything that gives you and your family the chance to be together and get off the couch or out of the house helps to promote good health,” says Mckinney.

Exercise After Pregnancy

Adjusting to the new routine of motherhood can make squeezing in time to exercise feel like a dreaded chore. “It is important for women to realize that activity comes in many forms,” says Mckinney. Keeping the many benefits of staying active in mind, try to incorporate creative exercise breaks in your day.

Stretch your tired muscles while your baby is playing safely on a blanket next to you, or lose yourself in the audio version of a favorite book while you and your baby do crunches. If you were used to walking, biking or hiking four days per week before having a baby, allow yourself time to take your baby or dog for a walk two to three days a week. “As soon as we found out we were expecting our first child, we purchased a seat for him to ride on the back of our bicycles,” says Neal Ramsey, a father of two from Warners, N.Y.

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Walking after dinner or on the weekend with your spouse keeps the spotlight shining on your fitness goal and also provides the socialization that many look forward to when working out. Rolling a ball on the lawn or floor with your baby, playing hopscotch with a toddler and dancing to your preschooler’s favorite songs all offer fun bursts of activity into your day while you and your family stay active. ( exercise during pregnancy stages )

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