Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy

Many mothers do not do sports and they move as little as possible during pregnancy stages because they think that they will harm their baby. However, controlled sports does not harm the baby, and it gives many benefits to the mother after birth.

First 3 months brisk walks and pilates


In the first 3 months of pregnancy, exercises can be started with light-paced walks. Back exercises can be done regularly. Doing yoga in pregnancy and doing pilates are also recommended starting from the first weeks of pregnancy. 30-minute brisk walks  in 3-5 days a week are very useful for the pregnancy stages. The expectant mother must adjust her walking tempo without tiring herself.


Prevent back and low back pain with Pilates and yoga

For pregnancy, yoga and pilates are the most preferred exercises of mothers in recent years. Yoga and pilates relax the body, purify the soul, prevent back and low back pain, and provide the mother to discover her body. However, it is necessary to work with experts in this exercises because the most important thing to note is that yoga and pilates are done in accordance with pregnancy stages.

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Swimming prevents sudden heat changes in baby

One of the most preferred exercises in pregnancy stages is swimming. All exercises done in water are recommended for mother’s. The buoyancy of the water balances the increased body weight of the mother and reduces the risk of injury and accidents in water . Comparing with the exercises performed on land, the mother’s body temperature is more evenly distributed and there is no sudden and rapid change in the baby’s body temperature. However, care should be taken against the hygienic conditions of the pool and the risk of falling and slipping in wet areas.


Prefer sitting exercises

The 6-9 month period of pregnancy is a stage in which the abdomen is quite large. For this purpose, it would be more appropriate to do the exercises in sitting positions. If there is no risk of preterm birth, the most suitable exercise is to take 30 minute walks at a light pace. Pilates exercises with appropriate movements for 6-9 months can also be performed.

Exercise During Pregnancy2 - Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise During Pregnancy


10 benefits of regular exercise

  • Helps provide weight control
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Increases strength
  • Reduces back and low back pain.
  • Prevents the risk of pregnancy diabetes.
  • Provides a more comfortable sleep.
  • Provides a healthier psychology.
workouts for pregnant - Exercise During Pregnancy
workouts for pregnant

When is not recommended

The sport, which is necessary for physical and mental balance, is gaining more importance during pregnancy stages. However, some situations may make sports risky. It can be dangerous if there are diseases related to cardiovascular obstruction, respiratory, high blood pressure and anemia in the mother. At the same time, sports can be dangerous for mothers if there is a threat of premature birth. In such cases, the health history of the person is checked and a doctor-controlled exercise program is applied.