Faith korean drama review

Faith Korean Drama (2012) Review

After two actors turned down the role of being the main lead because of personal circumstances and two years of waiting, Lee Min Ho was able to get the part to play as Choi Young, a young fearless warrior and the main guard for King Gongmin (Ryu_Deok-Hwan) who was held hostage in Yuan and marries Princess Nogoog of Yuan.  On their journey going back to Goryeo (Korea) assassins attacked their group causing a big injury on the neck of Princess Nogoog, on their attempts to save the Princess, Jang Bin played by Philipp Lee renowned doctor of goryeo said that he would not be able to save her thus the quest for Choi Young to travel through “‘The Heaven’s Gate” was ordered by the King to bring back a doctor that can save the princess.

Choi Young enters the portal which leads to the modern world wherein Yoo Eun-soo (Kim Hee Seon) works as a plastic surgeon.  Choi Young believes that Yoo Eun Soo is the great doctor that can save their princess and find ways to convince her but Eun Soo refused to go with him thus Cho Young has no other choice but to take out his sword and slashed the neck of the man inside the convention hall, Eun Soo who was shocked of the events, tried her best to save the man.  Eun Soo and Choi Young went back on the temple where the portal lies and eventually reached the place where Princess Nogoog was lying almost lifeless.  Dr. Eun Soo was able to heal the wound and the princess regain her health.

They travel to Goreo and the journey of knowing the truth begins. Prince Gi Cheol a young and heartless person with great supernatural abilities  wishes to get Dr. Eun Soo for himself and plot a sickness for her making Choi Young to defies the King and  rob the royal stamp in exchange for a cure for Eun Soo’s sickness knowing in the end that they were only fooled by Prince Gi Cheol and the cure was not really as it was promised to be.

Because of her great desire to know the truth, Eun Soo agrees to marry Prince Gi Cheol with his trick that he will only give the pieces of the diary after their marriage rites which was eventually discovered by Choi Young who rushed on the palace to save his love for Eun Soo and the scene ended with a memorable kiss that makes the viewer wishing that they are the one next with Choi Young.

Although, there are some dragging parts on the story, I love how they were able to pull through a series of sweet confessions and conversations that can chill your heart and makes Choi Young more desirable.   In the end, Eun Soo discovered that she was eventually the travelling doctor who travels back in time to search and consummate her love with the general who happens to be Choi Young. The latter part shows the scene wherein she left clues for the future to be able to find her way to Choi Young.

Eun Soo defines a woman with a courageous heart, not just a great doctor but someone that is definite with her views in life, steadfast on her love and can do all just to be find her happiness.

Lee Min Ho who portrays Choi Young on the other hand shows that he is now grown enough to portray more mature roles rather than the sweet or bad boy image he portrayed in his past korean drama. With Faith, he was able to show his acting skill and of course his enigmatic charisma that draws more viewers to watch and patiently wait for the next episode.  (Lucky I, because i don’t need to wait for another day or another week to watch the episodes)

A drama with a traditional setting and political rivalries is expected to be heavy and moving but the character of Choi Young and Eun Soo gives a big emotional and sweet impact that makes it remarkably beautiful.  Although, many would find the ending to be hanging expecting something more, the journey of finding her love ends on the sweet smile on the lips of Choi Young and Eun Soo giving you a big sigh that somehow in the end, they were able to meet and it’s for the viewer to make the sweet conclusion. I guess, for a hopeless romantic like me, i expect a more sweeter ending but the smile of Min Ho completes the scene.

It is also somewhat funny because it’s not a coincidence that Faith was shown at the same time slot along with Arirang and the Magistrate wherein the main lead actor is Lee Jun Ki who is the first choice for the main character of Faith.  I guess, the television network only wanted to show Lee Jun Ki what he loses on not being able to get the part. But Faith and Arirang although with the same paranormal characters was set in different story and has their own strong points to be considered. Faith for me is one of the best korean drama for 2012 along side with Rooftop Prince who also shares a different plot of a prince who travel in time to find the truth of the death of his beloved princess.

Network : SBS

Number of Episodes: 24

Release Date: August 13, 2012 – October 30, 2012

Genre: Fantasy, Time Travel, Romance, Period,

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