Fighting Acidity during Pregnancy2

Fighting Acidity during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, when the fetus starts growing it takes up a significant space within the mother’s body; this leaves only a little space for her stomach to rest. This often results in sending back of the stomach acids up through the esophagus. It leads to a condition called heartburn or acidity. Controlling the acid production can help pregnant women to combat acidity.

One way of controlling acid production is by eating several small meals throughout the day instead of consuming 3 large meals. Pregnant women should also avoid eating just before sleeping. The body of a pregnant woman requires at least 3 hours for digesting the food completely; this means if you are pregnant you should eat at least 3 hours before laying down to sleep. There some other regulations that a pregnant woman must follow while eating; she should chew every bite completely and take time to finish the meal. At any point of time, if the pregnant woman feels full, she should stop eating, even if she has completed only a small part of the meal.

Fighting Acidity during Pregnancy - Fighting Acidity during Pregnancy
Fighting Acidity during Pregnancy

After every meal, the pregnant woman must chew a gum. This will promote production of saliva and help in initiating the digestion procedure. The extra saliva will also neutralize the effect of stomach acid. Women, who experience queasiness during pregnancy, should chew cinnamon gums. Mint flavored gums should be strictly avoided during pregnancy as it can aggravate the acidity.

Changing the sleep position also helps in combating acidity during pregnancy. A pregnant woman must sleep keeping the upper half of her body elevated; extra pillows can be used for attaining the required elevation. Sleeping on wedge shaped pillows will also help. When the upper part of the woman’s body stay elevated while sleeping, the acid will not be able to go back to her esophagus.

Certain drinks can help in fighting acidity during pregnancy. A pregnant woman can have lemon juice, chamomile tea, aloe vera juice etc to get rid of acidity.