first time pregnancy - First Time Pregnancy: Important Symptoms

First Time Pregnancy: Important Symptoms

With the release of certain hormones during pregnancy stages, changes in the body may become visible. Women follow these symptoms and can make a conclusion about whether she is pregnant or not. However, it is difficult to determine this during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. That’s why women wonder about pregnancy symptoms. Also check our post about this subject: How can I know that I am pregnant?

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first time pregnancy 1 - First Time Pregnancy: Important Symptoms
first time pregnancy

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms are usually manifested in women as nausea, fatigue, increased vaginal discharge or a feeling of tension in the breasts. In addition, the color of the nipple darkening and delayed menstrual bleeding are among the most common symptoms. Although the symptoms of pregnancy differ in each expectant mother, the most common are the following;

LATE PERIOD: If you have not yet seen any menstrual period, you are more likely to get pregnant. Also, this may indicate a pregnancy when a lighter colored bleed than usual is encountered. It is the first and definitive symptom of pregnancy.

SENSITIVITY AND PAIN IN BREASTS: Sensitive and painful breasts, the color of your nipples become darker and even the veins on your chest become more pronounced may be one of the first signs that you are pregnant.

FREQUENT URINATION: Need to go to the toilet frequently is among the symptoms of pregnancy stages. Because when you’re pregnant, your body produces extra fluids, which makes your bladder work more than as usual. Also, if your urine is dark or dark yellow, this is also a sign of pregnancy.

FRAGRANCE SENSITIVITY: Sensitivity to odors and food occurs during pregnancy stages. For this reason, you will get the slightest smell and your nose becomes extremely sharp and also you will get more scent than usual.

TASTE SENSITIVITY: You may feel as if you are getting more taste than ever. This is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. As the hormones are changed during pregnancy stages, the nose feels the smell at the highest level. Especially perfume and cigarette smell can increase the nausea of ​​pregnant women.


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