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Folic Acid Intake Before Pregnancy

During pregnancy stages, your body needs more nutrient requirements. This is shaped according to the needs of the developing baby and the pregnant woman. Folic acid is in the group of vitamins that should be started in  pre-pregnancy period. It is important for the development of the baby’s cells and nervous system.

Folic acid is very important for the development of infants, and also has benefits such as protein synthesis, cell proliferation and helping the bone marrow to fulfill its task. Folic acid is not stored in the body. So it should be taken every day. In addition, we listed what should be done before pregnancy in addition to folic acid in our what to do before getting pregnant article.


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What is folic acid?

Folic Acid is a water-soluble vitamin from group B. The form of folate, which is found in nutrients, in medicines and processed foods is called as folic acid.


What are the benefits of folic acid to the baby?

Fetal growth and development is actualize by rapid cell division. Due to its critical role in DNA and RNA production, adequate folic acid intake in pregnancy is extremely important.


Research shows that folic acid intake in pregnancy stages significantly reduces the incidence of central nervous system abnormalities in infants.


What are the benefits of folic acid use before pregnancy?

There is a lack of folic acid in many women before pregnancy due to various reasons. With the pregnancy, the need of folic acid increases and folic acid deficiency may develop rapidly. Research shows that with nutritional supplementation in pre-pregnancy preiod and with folic acid medications you can overcome problems caused by folic acid deficiency.


When should you start folic acid intake?

It should be started before being pregnant. It is recommended to use 400 micrograms of folic acid daily starting 3 months before pregnancy until the end of the third month of pregnancy. One important point to note is that; folic acid is not stored in the body. So it is necessary to be taken every day.

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What are foods rich in folic acid?

  • green vegetables,
  • egg,
  • walnut,
  • almond,
  • hazelnut,
  • peanut,
  • lentil,
  • spinach,
  • clover,
  • parsley,
  • mint,
  • found in beans (legumes) and seed foods.

Although it is rich in folic acid, the consumption of chicken, lamb and calf liver to pregnant women is not recommended due to the excessive amount of vitamin A in its content. Excessive vitamin A intake can be really dangerous for pregnant women; The fetus may be damaged.


Should every pregnant woman use folic acid?

Daily intake of folic acid increases during pregnancy stages. Therefore, folic acid intake starting from pre-pregnancy period is recommended to all pregnant women.

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